January 31, 2023

Kabul at mercy of thieves and gangsters

Kabul at mercy of thieves and gangsters

Although the presence of thieves, robbers, kidnapers and other criminals in Kabul is not some new development, yet the recent upsurge in criminal activity has reached heights that there remains no place of shelter and refuge even for its residents.

Armed burglary, murder, abductions and other criminal activity are a daily feature of Kabul headlines. Gangs not only steal cash, cars and other valuables, but snatch mobile phones from the hands of users, break into homes and even murder people for worthless items in broad daylight. Social media has recently been flooded with images of young people cold-bloodedly murdered in the streets of Kabul by thieves, prompting a campaign by social media users begging armed criminals to spare their lives under the hashtag “TakeOurPossessionsNotLives”.

Kabulis say that they have turned to criminals and pleaded their case directly to them because they have lost all hope in authorities. Another reason being that most officials themselves are connected to crime rings, because how else can criminal gangs operate and steal in the most secure areas of Kabul city in broad daylight without enjoying powerful backing. Furthermore, thieves detained and handed over to police by ordinary citizens somehow find their way to freedom from custody.

Most robberies and other criminal activities are perpetrated in main squares of Kabul city, whereas the city outskirts where the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate have either covert or overt presence, citizens testify that marauders and thieves have disappeared. Kabul city has transformed into a gangsters paradise even as the head of Arg Palace boasts to having fixed the entire country. Ashraf Ghani – whose only undertaking is convening theatrical meetings, appearances and political showmanship – has not the capacity nor the courage to even secure the few square kilometer of Kabul city and protect the same people whom he claims as subjects from the terror of gangsters despite such large claims.

Those occupying the Arg Palace have failed at even securing and administrating Kabul, proving that they lack the capability of taking on the responsibility of protecting the lives, wealth and honor of a city of a few million. A ruler who has not the capacity of combating a petty street criminal, a thief and a local kidnaper, from whom bandits and pickpockets have seized control over the capital city, it does not befit him to assert ownership of government or republic.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, which had established exemplary security throughout the country including in Kabul during its complete rule, continues to provided a safe and secure life for population living under its controlled areas. The Islamic Emirate is seeking to free the people residing in cities from the terror of marauders and gangsters just as it has liberated them from such in rural areas.

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