January 30, 2023

If America Seeks a Real Solution, There is a Way

If America Seeks a Real Solution, There is a Way

The Wall Street Journal published a report last week, quoting an official of the Trump Administration that the White House was also considering complete withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. Though later on, contradictory reports appeared indicating that the strategy was still unclear but if America really wants complete withdrawal of her troops from Afghanistan and announces as such, the Islamic Emirate readily hails this position and would like to discuss all negotiable issues with them.

The Afghan war is the longest war of American history. They have spent 780 billion dollars so far but notwithstanding that, America has established a government in Afghanistan which is the most corrupt at world’s level. Oppression, injustice, production and trafficking of drugs, religious and ethnic differences, kidnapping and robberies have become order of the day under the very title of democracy.

The war in Afghanistan can be likened to a quagmire. Even if America spends that much amount of money and time already spent and passed, they would ultimately come to conclusion that this was a meaningless and back-breaking war. It has no military solution because America is not facing a group in the country but an entire nation.

At present, more than half of the population of Afghanistan are living under the administration of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan but still the Islamic Emirate has never resorted to creating internal problems for any country in the world including the invading countries. This is because interference in the internal affairs of other countries is not policy of the Islamic Emirate. We have practically proven this over the past one and a half decade. What we want is but independence of our country and a system based on our beliefs. This is our legitimate right. We are continuing our peaceful political and jihadic efforts for obtainment of the aforementioned objectives.

American generals are giving unrealistic hope to the American people and the US president that they will succeed in Afghanistan, if authorized to send more troops or American militias of Black water. Granted, even if this military strategy is carried out, it will only prolong the war but will not bring it to an end. Afghans are neither desperate nor fatigued in their efforts for obtainment of freedom of their country.

The Islamic Emirate wants a real solution of the Afghan issue. If America really wants to end the war and explore a realistic solution then should consider withdrawal of troops.

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