October 04, 2022

Gathering on how to improve and impart education held in 3 provinces  

Gathering on how to improve and impart education held in 3 provinces  

NANGARHAR, Dec. 24 – The Islamic Emirate organized a meeting in the country’s east aimed at helping the young generation engage in positive and productive activities and spreading and promoting education, Al-Emarah News said.

The gathering attended by students and teacher from different schools and Madris as well as Ulama (scholars) and a large number of the regional people took place in Khogyani district of Nangarhar province on Saturday.

The program began with the a few verses from the Holy Quran and the scholars gave talks on the issue of education and how to improve and impart quality education to our youths.

Meantime, the Islamic Emirate offered presents to teachers and schools.  The meeting concluded with Dua.

In the meantime, the Islamic Emirate assured the people that it will do everything in its power to work on the field to promote quality education and improve the standard of education, ensuring provision of literacy to all, specifically the youths.

Similarly, people valued the move by the Islamic Emirate and prized it for its persistent and tireless efforts to hold such events and conferences across the country and maintain peace and security in the region.

A similar meeting took place in Char Bolak district of Balkh province, starting in the morning hours of the Saturday and ended with dua in the early afternoon hours of day.

Likewise, an educational meeting of the schools, Madris and colleges with same agenda and objectives attended by a large number of the regional people, ulama as well students and teachers took place in Daqad district of Takhar province on Saturday.

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