November 30, 2022

Demolishing civilian homes, a new form of barbarity

Demolishing civilian homes, a new form of barbarity
The barbaric officials of the Kabul administration have recently destroyed eighty civilian homes and inflicted great financial loss upon people in the Mali Khel area of Maidan Wardak province’s Sayedabad district.
The uncivilized American army and its puppets have unfortunately started a cruel series of targeting the suffering population of Afghanistan following a humiliating defeat on the battlefield. Violence against civilians is now a daily occurrence and interestingly led by the champion of human rights in the world whose human rights only extend to westerners in practice while little regard is given in this respect to victims of its brutal occupations.
Recently, the enemy has adopted an extremely barbaric kind of approach with Afghan civilians, one devoid of any mercy or reason. Civilian homes, marketplaces, clinics, schools, madrassas and mosques are all targeted even while the enemy is fully aware that these places are inhabited by unarmed civilians. Women and children are easy targets for the American invaders and their quislings hence endure immeasurable suffering as a result. The enemy has also resolved to specifically target buildings of public welfare.
It is true that the destruction committed in Sayedabad’s Mali Khel area was perpetrated by Afghan quisling forces but it is to be noted that this is exactly for which their masters train them. It goes without saying therefor that both the quislings and their American masters are equally responsible for the heinous crimes committed against the suffering Afghan people. Since the past eighteen years, both have ensured that the Afghan people continue to suffer. When these tired civilians arose in resistance, the tyrants attempted to silence their legitimate outrage through various means. However much they do so, the Islamic Emirate remains determined to safeguard the life, wealth and honour of its nation and will most definitely take revenge. The Islamic Emirate, despite all attempts at raising obstacles in its path, shall not abandon its jihad until Afghanistan is liberated from the evil clutches of America and an Islamic government is established.
Targeting civilians, destroying their property and looting their possessions are unforgivable crimes. The savage enemy has made very clear through such behaviour that it has no regard for the human rights it champions so passionately and is devoid of basic morals. With what audacity then do such people preach to the Islamic Emirate and criticise its religious practices? Rather, the Islamic Emirate is in a stronger position to preach correct behaviour to them and if they had taken lesson from the morally superior conduct of the Mujahideen as they ought, they would at least have retained some form of respectability before the world. To the contrary, they have been humiliated on the world stage for their crimes and if there should be one lesson they take from the Afghan war, it would be the religious values of the Islamic Emirate which if adopted would undoubtedly improve the moral quality of a currently uncivilized and barbaric American army that is nourished by civilian blood.
The Afghan war has exposed to the world that despite America’s high talk on human rights and freedom, it is in fact an enemy of both as proven by the incident of Sayedabad district. Let there be no doubt about America’s ongoing crimes against humanity in Afghanistan that are ruining the lives of ordinary Afghans on a daily basis.

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