November 30, 2022

Daesh crawls back into the hole it came from!!

Daesh crawls back into the hole it came from!!

Nangarhar – considered command central of Daesh Khurasan chapter – was completely cleansed from this scourge in the decisive and well-planned operations by the victorious knights of Islamic Emirate. Daesh operated in seven districts of Nangarhar, inflicting unspeakable horrors upon the locals and causing mass displacements, a tragedy which is being remedied as the people slowly return back to the homes.

These anti-Daesh operations resulted in hundreds of these militias killed and wounded, large number of weapons, ammunition and other equipment seized and hundreds of other Daeshi militiamen surrendering to the regime and their occupying masters.

The Kabul regime is proudly reporting and publishing images of Daesh surrender and claiming victory, however the reality remains that Daesh was the joint project of the invaders and their stooges.

Hundreds of Daesh gunmen were also previously rescued and welcomed by the regime as honorable guests!!

A number of senior regime military and civilian officials have repeatedly made public that Daesh is the joint project of the invaders and the Kabul administration. They are transferred from one area to the next in unmarked helicopters, are armed, given air support during engagements with Taliban and allowed to expand territory. A large number of Daesh members detained or surrendered have also admitted that they were supported and armed by the invaders and the Kabul administration.

Last year, hundreds of Daesh fighters besieged by the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate in Jowzjan and Kunar provinces were rescued in helicopters by the regime and invaders and later transferred to guest houses in Balkh and Kabul.

Analysts also believe that Daesh in Afghanistan has been created, armed and supported by foreigners to extend the war, weaken and disperse Mujahideen fighting against occupation and to ignite sectarian war because this group does not have any native religious or Afghan roots at all.

Daesh project initially sparked sectarian wars in Iraq and Syria, weakened the Mujahdieen fighting foreign occupiers, caused immeasurable human and material losses to the people and in the end, handed over all the liberated areas to the invaders and oppressive regimes.

The enemy also exerted great efforts to proliferate Daesh and expand it to all corners of the country but the Mujahideen and locals jointly neutered this mischievous project. They took decisive steps against this group in Zabul, Ghor, Jowzjan, Laghman and Nangarhar and it is hoped that their corruption shall soon be uprooted from the entire country, Allah willing.

Daesh fighters armed and supported by the invaders and Kabul regime are crawling back to the hole they came from (invaders and hirelings) as the Mujahideen and people increase military pressure. The large groups of Daesh migrating towards and being warmly received by the regime showcases the deep connections between this group and its origins for the entire world to see.

All the Daeshis that supposedly surrendered to the regime in Nangarhar recently were under the constant attacks of Mujahideen. The invaders frequently bombed Mujahideen positions in an attempt to relieve pressure but despite air support, the Daeshis still faced slaughter and the remnants were rescued by the invaders and Kabul regime and resettled in Jalalabad city.

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