January 28, 2023

Conference called for to improve standard of education

Conference called for to improve standard of education

PARWAN, Aug. 2 – The Islamic Emirate convened a meeting in the country’s north aimed at improve the standard of education  and providing literacy and training in rural areas, Al-Emarah News said on Thursday.

The meeting attended by the teachers and students from different schools, colleges and Madris as well as Ulama (scholars) and a large number of the regional people took place in Syagard district of northern Parwan province on Tuesday.

The scholars gave all-encompassing talks on different topics and issues ranging from education to security aimed at the new generation.

This comes as the Islamic Emirate makes every effort to help improve and promote education, striving hard to strengthen its public service role to provide a better living condition and quality education for all, while smoothing ways for the higher education so that it can flourish in our society.

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