September 25, 2022

Committing Terrorism under slogan of Fighting Terrorism

Committing Terrorism under slogan of Fighting Terrorism

Recently the invading forces and their surrogate allies once again carried out relentless and brutal bombardments in Zabul, Maidan Wardak, Takhar, Farah, Nangarhar and Laghman provinces as well as other areas of the country. About hundred civilians have been martyred as a result of these bombardments many of whom are children, women and other civilians. Furthermore, thirteen civilians have also been martyred as a result of a bombardment on a funeral ceremony in Urgun district of Paktika province on 13 March 2017. Some pictures of these incidents have appeared in social media.

This is not the first time that the invaders have committed such brutal acts. Rather they have a long track record of brutal killings and acts of violence against civilians during the past fifteen years. Since they carry out such callous acts under the fake name of fighting terrorism, could they specify what link women, children and old people have with terrorism? Unfortunately, the organizations which claim to be defenders of human rights are silent as usual. Do they not view the atrocities and brutalities of the invaders as violation of human rights or do they only consider them as violation of human rights when it is in the interest of the invaders which itself means a sort of complicity in these crimes?

Is it not terrorism that the invaders and their domestic allies’ target and martyr civilians under the name of Taliban in their work places, homes and when they are fast asleep?  Or deliberately destroy people’s means of livelihood like gardens and fields? How is it acceptable that the invaders and their allies who have come from tens of thousands of kilometer away to label the indigenous people as terrorists and martyr them, while still more, the puppet officials give them medals for these murders? What kind of humanitarianism is it? In fact, such attacks show their anti-Islamic, anti-Afghan and anti-human hostility. Moreover, these attacks once again proved their claims of democracy and human rights as false and futile.

Our Muslim and faithful people should wake up and come together around shared goals. How long will this human tragedy continue in our country under the false slogans of the invaders as the Afghan Muslims continue dying for the wicked objectives of imperialism?

We would like to tell the invaders that if you think that you will succeed in subjugating the Afghans or colonizing Afghanistan by committing such massacres, then it shall be recorded as another mistake and miscalculation on your part. The past fifteen years is practical example for you and your domestic surrogates to learn from. Here, a stronger reaction rebounds as a result of any oppression and the determination for resistance boosts furthermore. Indeed, such brutal acts will give more strength to the current Jihadic resistance and bring your humiliating defeat in Afghanistan more closer, if Allah the Almighty wills.

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