October 02, 2022

Broad welcome of Termination of Occupation Agreement by the people

Broad welcome of Termination of Occupation Agreement by the people

It has now nearly been two weeks since the Termination of Occupation Agreement was signed by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and the United States of America in Qatar, yet this treaty is still being celebrating across the country in gatherings and the believing people are congratulating one another on this historic achievement.

Just as the Termination of Occupation Agreement has been welcomed internationally – a clear example being the endorsement by the United States Security Council – all the diverse Afghan ethnicities and strata of society have also not only welcomed it but have considered it a historic feat and a crucial step towards ending the current crisis.

The broad welcome of the Termination of Occupation Agreement by the people has validated the claim of Islamic Emirate that has opposed the foreign military presence for the past eighteen years and continued armed Jihad aimed at ending the occupation. It is said that truth is light that cannot be covered with two fingers. Our Jihadic struggle against occupation – though ridiculed by the media over the course of eighteen years – has shown that the rational and truth behind it was a shining light as we witness all political parties both domestic and international come around to the idea which the Islamic Emirate stressed upon from the beginning and which now has been stamped with approval by all including the United Nations.

The broad welcome shown by the common people towards the policy of Islamic Emirate demonstrates that the Islamic Emirate is not a mere fighting group but is the representative force of a people and a country as it struggles for the worldly and everlasting bliss of its people while showing exemplary fortitude and perseverance in the face of a multitude of trials.

Therefore, the time has come for all foreign and domestic sides to come out of the eighteen-year propaganda bubble and embrace the new reality. They must understand that this page of history has turned, darkness has vanquished and the light of truth of our believing Mujahid nation has reached all corners of the globe.

It must be said that the journey of our truthful claims to this point and of our successful passing through trials is solely due to the Divine Help of Allah (SwT) who blessed our valiant nation with fortitude, patience and perseverance. This phase of our struggle bears the message that if we remain true to our religion, then Allah (SwT) shall fulfill is promise of victory as He says: O you who have believed, if you support Allah, He will support you and plant firm your feet [47:7]

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