December 01, 2022

Deputy PM Meets Shiite Scholars, Eders

Deputy PM Meets Shiite Scholars, Eders

KABUL, Nov. 03 – Honorable Mawlawi Abdul Salam Hanafi, Administrative Deputy Prime Minister of the IEA, met with a number of Shiite scholars and elders on Wednesday, said office of the deputy PM in a statement.

Honorable Madar Ali Karimi Bamiani and Seyyed Sufi Gardizi expressed that following the end of the occupation and re-establishment, the Islamic Emirate has treated all the people of Afghanistan, especially the Shia people, in a good manner.

Contrary to the propaganda of the media, they are fully satisfied with the behavior of the Islamic government, and as they declared their support for the Islamic Emirate in the past year, they continue to support the Islamic system, they added and requested the special attention of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to the remote areas of the country in the fields of socialization, education and development.

Respected Hanafi, while welcoming the Shiite scholars and elders, called all the people of Afghanistan brothers and inseparable members of Afghanistan.

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