November 26, 2022

3 districts fall to Mujahideen in Herat

3 districts fall to Mujahideen in Herat

HERAT, July. 09 – According to report, Gulran district administration center, police headquarters and all other installations were overrun by Mujahideen after forcing the enemy to flee, leaving several vehicles and a sizable amount of ammunition behind.

Details say enemy troops have fled towards Pul Hashim base and are under tight of Mujahideen there.

In another report, Rabat Sangi district center, police head quarter and NDS headquarters also overrun last night, sizing huge amount of war spoils.

Moreover, Karakh district of the same province was also completely came under Mujahideen control after hireling troops fled confiscating several military vehicles and ammunition.

Further detials will be updated later.

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