September 30, 2022

24 Hours and 4 Atrocities

24 Hours and 4 Atrocities

Over the past 24 hours the regime and its foreign allies have killed and injured dozens of civilians, destroyed numerous homes, and caused heavy financial losses. These crimes occurred in Zabul, Wardak, Takhar and Farah provinces.

The foreign occupiers bombed Malikhel province – located in Zabul provinces, Arghandab district, adjacent to Algaey bazaar – and caused civilian casualties. Specifically the bombardment killed two women and 9 men, and injured two innocent children.

Similarly the enemy killed three hunters on a mountainside in the Kanjaghtu mountain – located in Wardak province’s Chak district in Arabano area. Presumably the hunters were mistaken for fighters or perhaps were used as target practice.

In the Qamguzar area, located in Takhar’s Darqad district, an airstrike killed five civilians including two children and injuring another 7 civilians. The strike also damaged nearby houses.

In Farah province, in the district of Farah Rud, regime artillery bombarded Ghatt Kilai – located close to district centre . This blind bombardment killed 15 civilians and injured another 23 innocent civilians.

In accordance with its now established rules the regime forces and their foreign allies regularly target civilian personnel and infrastructure as a form of deterrent and collective punishment for supporting the Mujahideen. Often civilians are mercilessly targeted and killed in their shops, farms and even mosques prostrating to their Lord. Even more provocative are the subsequent claims of the regime spokesmen labeling the fallen victims as ‘terrorists’ in their regularly published statements.

The death of 66 civilians in the span of 24 hours is despicable and a clear war crime. Human Rights organizations, the media and civil activists should forcibly condemn these atrocities and bring its perpetrators to account.

The Islamic Emirate – as a safeguarding force of the nation – has always avenged the blood of our innocent fallen countrymen, and it is hoped that it shall exact revenge upon the invaders and their trained mercenary hirelings for the innocent blood of the above crime against the vulnerable women and children of this poor nation.

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