February 06, 2023

What purpose do visits by American Generals serve?

What purpose do visits by American Generals serve?

Recently a multitude of American officials have visited Afghanistan one after the other. After visits by Mike Pence, Rex W. Tillerson and the US Secretary of State Jim Mattis, the chairman of Joint Chief of Staffs Joseph Dunford also arrived at Bagram yesterday. The American officials stay there for a period of time, instruct their puppets directly or indirectly about the course of war and then promptly return back their country.

After their departure, the puppets perform according to the instructions of their masters and utter contradictory statements about the presence of American troops in Afghanistan. Sometimes they say that America will stay in Afghanistan till Taliban surrender themselves and at other, they say they will bring Taliban under religious and political pressure in the future.

These are the repetitive views that are being murmured by the American Generals and their mercenary puppets throughout these 17 years and especially after Trump’s new war strategy.

These contradictory statements are been spread at a time when the original mission statement declared that American invaders had come to Afghanistan for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of Afghanistan, that they do not intend to harm Afghanistan and will spend their money here for safety and wellbeing of Afghans.

However they begin every New Year with statements such as: we have killed such a number of Taliban last year and will kill more this year; last year so many Afghan soldiers were killed and this year the number of killings would surpass that; last year we dropped thousands of bombs including the Mother of All Bombs (GBU-43/B) and next year they will increase this number several times.

Is this the rehabilitation and reconstruction which they were publicizing?

Is this the progress that puppet authorities and mercenary media were propagating for???

It seems like the invading Americans are facing a chaotic situation as a consequence of the occupation of Afghanistan and their promises and commitments are proven wrong in all fields. They have completely lost support on both national and international stages. The rage of the Afghan nation against the imposed authorities has also reached its peak. The puppets are currently close to tearing each other apart as their frustration towards one another has reached a level where hundreds of soldiers along with their commander surrender to the Mujahideen.

That is why the American troops are making back and forth secret visits to Bagram in order to morally support their stooges, to reassure them that they will continue assisting them with money and weapons and to encourage them to continue their fight against the Afghan nation. After receiving reassurances, the puppets start singing peace songs and the very next day, they start following the order of their masters and idiotically insist that they will seek peace in war.

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