November 30, 2022

What if withdrawal date of invaders is extended!?

What if withdrawal date of invaders is extended!?

The congressionally mandated Afghanistan Study Group in its latest report recommended that the Biden administration extend troop withdrawal date from Afghanistan. This group also made allegations that the Islamic Emirate had not fulfilled its commitments outlined in the Doha agreement and….

The report highlighted topics and issues and then showed concerns about them while being completely disconnected from realities. Such shortfalls in the report clearly demonstrate that the study group had failed to properly examine the Afghan situation and had given preference to personal interests over the task at hand.

The presence of individuals such as General Dunford in the congressionally mandated study group is worth ruminating upon. Dunford had suffered failure during his tenure in Afghanistan, hence is highly sensitive towards the Afghan issue and approaches it with a vendetta.

The Doha agreement must not be viewed from the lens of individuals that pursue personal interests in the continuation of violence and murder at the expense of the general interests of both peoples and nations!! If, God forbid, the Doha agreement is breached, it will lead to a dangerous escalation for which the opposing side will be responsible.

The Doha agreement was drafted after considerable efforts, discussions and reviews by the negotiation teams of both the Islamic Emirate and the United States, and serves as the sole rational and enduring framework for resolving the current conflict. If the Doha agreement is abrogated, it will lead to a major war, the responsibility of which shall fall squarely on the shoulders of America.

The new US administration must not treat the Doha agreement in an emotional manner and must end further investments in the continuation of war, warlords and corrupt individuals. The Islamic Emirate has proven its commitment to the Doha agreement, continues to adhere its part of the deal and considers the full implementation of this exact accord instrumental in resolving the ongoing crisis. Therefore, all must desist from provocative actions and rhetoric that could lead us all back to former war footing posture because such is neither in the interest of America nor in the interest of the Afghan people.

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