September 27, 2022

The massive corruption of the corrupt Kabul administration

The massive corruption of the corrupt Kabul administration

Muhammad Jalal

Afghanistan is a landlocked country with a fragile and weak economy marred by four decades of imposed war, resulting in massive losses that will take decades to recover and that too if we have enduring peace in the country. Afghanistan of today is listed among the poorest countries in the world, with the main driver for these economic troubles being the imposed corrupt regime in Afghanistan.

During the past 19 years, the influx of billions of dollars have made no significant impact on the lives of ordinary Afghans, and as of today according many surveys, more than half of the people of Afghanistan are living below the poverty line and people are struggling to secure basic food necessities. As the situation continues spiraling with each passing day, the reality of the those feeding on the blood of the poor Afghans becomes more evident. The small circle of corrupt regime heads and their officials are trying to hijack peace for their own personal gains and for looting the wealth of Afghanistan as they cunningly warn others that absent their presence, the country will burn in fire.

Since the start of the current US led invasion, those at the helm of power in Kabul have been filling their pockets and looting public treasury while racking up top three spot of Transparency International’s most corrupt governments in the world. The warlords supported by foreigners, the mafias, and other senior regime officials are the merciless looters sucking the blood of Afghans and looting their wealth as the country is being plunged into darkness. The recent report by SIGAR is a small example of the massive corruption of the corrupt Kabul administration and its officials. The reason that the head of Kabul administration and his team of white collar war criminals are against peace is that because peace they will not have their positions in the government and they will no longer be able to rob Afghans blind.

These corrupt regime officials and their clique of dual citizenship holders are leaving no stone unturned to loot the wealth of Afghanistan. As per recent reports in media, they are involved in smuggling out billions of stolen dollars from public treasury and that too via airplanes. Those occupying the seat of power of Kabul administration are so shameless that they even stole  foreign funds for the relief of coronavirus victims and smuggled the money to have comfortable lives for their families and relatives outside of Afghanistan. The life safety machine such as ventilators were sold in black markets while patients continued dying because of disease. The fraudulent practices by regime officials is such that it has been documented by many of their own foreign allies and even they are fed up of the endemic corruption.

The current corrupt administration is not acceptable and ordinary Afghans have already distanced themselves from it. The corrupt heads of regime are sitting behind high concrete walls and looting the country while they are using the illiterate foot soldiers as canon fodder to prolong their illegitimate rule. The current corrupt regime has made corruption as a culture in Afghanistan and its whole system is based on corrupt practices.

The International community needs to understand that the aid received by the current corrupt regime in the name of the Afghan people in various projects and sectors has gone directly into the pockets of a limited number of people and that money is funneled back to foreign countries while the nation faces severe poverty. The International community has an obligation to not empower such a corrupt regime. This current corrupt administration of Kabul can no longer deceive the Afghan nation with its rhetoric because the awareness is spreading and people want to be freed from these hateful faces. It is unfortunate that this corrupt and illegitimate administration which has no popular support has been imposed on innocent Afghan people. It has neither the ability nor the will to serve the Afghan nation but its sole aim is to serve the agenda of foreigners whom in return are using the regime for their own purposes.

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