September 26, 2022

Statement of Islamic Emirate regarding 7th and 8th of Saur

Statement of Islamic Emirate regarding 7th and 8th of Saur

44 years ago, on this day in 1357 Hijri Lunar, the Communists staged a coup in Afghanistan, that led to many tragedies, misfortunes and calamities in the country.

Some sycophant figures committed all kinds of crimes against the Afghan Muslim and Mujahid nation’s beliefs, sanctities and Islamic values ​​by imposing infidel ideology in support of the then Soviet Union.

But, thank Allah almighty, our Muslim and Mujahid nation stood up against the communist ideology and its agents and this jihadi struggle, accompanied by unprecedented sacrifices, lasted for 14 years.

The Muslim and Mujahid Nation of Afghanistan also suffered heavy losses in this fierce struggle. Nearly one and a half million Afghans were martyred and millions more suffered various hardships.

And ultimately, after 14 years of struggle communism was defeated and the Afghan Mujahideen-loving nation was able to overthrow the last communist regime and liberate the country completely.

The 8th of Sahar is the day of victory, freedom and salvation of the Afghan nation, which resulted in the sacrifices of the Afghan Mujahid Nation and saved our nation and country from the scourge of Communism.

The Islamic Emirate, while condemning the 7th coup and the Dark Ages, celebrates the 8th day of Saur and calls it the day of independence of the country.

Now that for the third time in the last 100 years our country has just been liberated from American occupation, the Islamic system has been established. Therefore, the Islamic Emirate will do its utmost to ensure that the fruits of decades of sacrifices and struggles of this nation are not wasted and the Islamic system of the aspirations of the martyrs is fully implemented in the country and the aspirations of the Afghan Mujahid Nation are fulfilled.

The Islamic Emirate will strive to uphold the aspirations of the Afghan people for all the jihads as required and to pave the way for the prosperity and development of Afghanistan under the shadow of the Islamic system.

As Afghans still have a strong sense of independence and a strong commitment to protect their religion and country, we hope that in the future the invading countries will learn more and do not take the path of enmity and hatred with our country and nation.

We do not intend to encroach on the territory of any other country and we expect to live in peace and mutual respect with other countries.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

28/09/1443 Hijri Lunar

07/02/1401 Hijri Solar                   28/04/2022 Gregorian

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