November 30, 2022

Statement of Islamic Emirate regarding Genocide of Muslims in Burma

Statement of Islamic Emirate regarding Genocide of Muslims in Burma

The Burmese army and indigenous extremist Buddhists have once again begun ethnic cleansing, burning of homes and displacement of Muslims in Rakhine state of Myanmar.

Reports say that the Burmese army attacked the villages of Muslims during the sacred days of Eid ul Adha, set fire to seventy thousand homes and displaced tens of thousands of oppressed Muslims, mostly women, children, elderly and the civilian population.

We welcome the statements of support for the Muslims of Burma by those governments of the Islamic world, organizations, media and individuals who have raised their voices. We similarly call on Muslims worldwide to not forget these oppressed brothers of yours. Gird your loins for the defense, rescue, sanctuary and every type of aid to them and perform your obligation of Islamic sympathy towards them to your utmost extent.

The international media have not properly broadcasted the genocide of Muslims of Burma and neither has the Human Right Watch given it any serious attention. In our view this is not only unfair and deplorable but is in conflict with the call of humanity and humanitarian sympathy.

Muslims are brothers. Do not await assistance from the inert human right claimants rather aid the oppressed Muslims of Burma with your own means, pray to Almighty Allah for their salvation, support them with your wealth, life and tongue and raise their persecuted voices so that the shadow of oppression is lifted from their heads.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
13/12/1438 Hijri Lunar
13/06/1396 Hijri Solar 04/09/2017 Gregorian

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