November 30, 2022

Safeguarding public property a vital duty

Safeguarding public property a vital duty

The enemy has recently intensified spurious claims against the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate purporting that they are causing harm to public property, and to prove their assertions, are relying on a video from Uruzgan that shows people looting material from an education facility.

We must unequivocally state that the Islamic Emirate neither attacks public assets itself nor does it allow others to cause harm to public treasury and infrastructure. The Uruzgan incident is an anomaly in the abnormal conditions of war. The people that ransacked this educational facility are not Mujahideen but opportunist looters, that made use of the window of opportunity that had opened up when the Mujahideen were engaged in combat. The local Mujahideen officials have launched a serious investigation into the matter in order to return stolen goods and discipline the perpetrators.

We must stress that scattered events as this instigated by common people must not be blamed on the Mujahideen because one of the founding tenets for the formation of Islamic Emirate was to free our homeland from such looters. We remember quite vividly how warlords and looters ransacked public assets after triumph over communism and how public treasury and infrastructure was destroyed to be sold as scrap outside the country. That is why the religious class staged an uprising, founded the Islamic Emirate, expelled the marauders and secured national assets.

As one of the principle duties of an Islamic government is safeguarding public life and property, the Islamic Emirate considers the protection of hospitals, schools, universities, roads, dams and other public infrastructure an obligation. It has safeguarded all public property in liberated regions and has even started restoration and reconstruction projects within the limits of its capacity.

The Islamic Emirate has consistently committed itself and practically proven that no harm shall reach public property in areas under its control. The Uruzgan incident can never be taken as a reflection of our policy, rather it is a criminal undertaking by some irresponsible local individuals.

We hope that the media, just as it highlighted and gave widespread coverage to the Uruzgan incident, also pay attention to the deliberate crimes of the opposition. For their information, we must mention that only in the year 2019, 102 mosques were destroyed by the Kabul administration and their foreign backers in airstrikes and ground attacks, gates of 14 mosques were blown up with explosives and 18 schools, 20 health clinics, 1650 homes and 11 religious seminaries were deliberately razed. Moreover, the gates of 624 shops were torn down along with 2 hotels, 281 vehicles, 1719 shops, 1102 motorbikes and 42 wheat storages set on fire, and 260 solar panels and millions of Afghani (local money) stolen by soldiers.

But unfortunately, the media has and continues to be mute when it comes to the crimes committed by the Kabul administration and their foreign backers.

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