September 28, 2022

Recent developments are promising for the nation

Recent developments are promising for the nation

The Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate have taken full control of tens of districts across the country over the past few weeks. This triumphant developing phase which is still ongoing has been welcomed and supported by a broad spectrum of the Afghan society, and at the same time, has induced negative reactions and apprehensions of a number of domestic and foreign circles.

However, if we analyze the essence of these developments, they look promising for both the Afghan people and country. First, these changes have occurred at a minimum human and financial cost. The areas which used to experience daily human suffering are handed to the Mujahideen through peace agreements. The soldiers that used to return to their families as soulless corpses are now being dispatched to their loved ones with honor and dignity.

Second, the check posts and bases present in these areas would fire indiscriminate mortars and artillery rounds into adjacent civilian areas, and when troops ventured out, they would face incessant Mujahideen attacks, resulting in losses not only to both sides but also civilians and would further exacerbate conditions for the locals. Now that these regions have completely been cleared of Kabul admin forces & have fallen under Mujahidin control, peace has also returned and the people have started living a tranquil life after long dark years.

As the most trending topic in Afghanistan for the few years past has been the establishment of peace, then peace is practically restored in these localities. If peace is devoid of political considerations and purpose, and is purely taken to mean as ending armed conflict, then the liberated areas are truly experiencing peaceful period in practice. Following surrender by Kabul troops and handing over control of facilities, no news of fighting has been reported – serving as a major sign of peace.

Consequently, we can conclude that the recent developments are not only promising for the Afghan people but is also a positive breakthrough in resolving the Afghan issue and establishing peace. As the Afghan people are overjoyed, content and practically experiencing its positive effects, then this is sufficient. Those corrupt parties that are expressing apprehension and prioritizing their political objectives over the well-being of the Afghan people need to revisit and review their positions.

The Islamic Emirate evaluates these developments in a positive light and assures all sides that the Islamic Emirate is in complete control of the situation in the liberated areas. Life has returned to normalcy and the people are living their aspiration of peace, security and reassurance after many years.

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