December 07, 2022

People stage protest in Nangarhar

People stage protest in Nangarhar

NANGARHAR, Oct. 2 – Hundreds of people took to street against the US invaders’ nighttime raids and aggressions in Chaprihar district of Nangarhar province on Saturday.

The protest came after the U.S invaders accompanied by their puppets broke into the homes of civilians when blowing up the gates of the compounds with bombs and robbing the people of their cash and valuables apart from beating up the civilians in Chaprihar district of the province on Saturday night.

Not stopping at this, the combined foreign and internal terrorists shot and murdered a watchman on their way back.

The terrorist act by the joint enemy angered the people who marched through the streets and blocked of Jalalabad-Chaprihar main road, raising slogans and the foreign aggressors and their internal stooge government.

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