December 08, 2022

Many killed, 7 vehicles destroyed in Wardak province

Many killed, 7 vehicles destroyed in Wardak province

WARDAK, Oct. 6 – An unknown number of the enemy soldiers were killed and wounded with two vehicles destroyed in Syed District of Wardak province in separate attacks, according to Al-Emarah News.

It said early Wednesday, Mujahideen fighters and the enemy clashed in Syed Abad district of Wardak province, leaving a puppet dead and two more wounded.

Later, Mujahideen in an attack on the enemy convoy, left 5 supply trucks destroyed, inflicting casualties on many of the security troops on Wednesday.

Also on Wednesday, a roadside bomb blast ripped into the enemy vehicle, leaving it apart and killing or wounding all those aboard.

Shortly after the blast, the enemy cordoned off the site and closed off Kabul-Kandahar highway to public transport and traffic for over two hours.

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