November 30, 2022

Kunduz operation enter its 3rd day; enemy installations continue to be under siege

Kunduz operation enter its 3rd day; enemy installations continue to be under siege

KUNDUZ, Oct. – The operation Kunduz extended into day third with Mujahideen in control of the entire situation on the ground in Kunduz city, Al-Emarah News said.

Fighting raged once again in the downtown Kunduz and its limits.

In one attack Mujahideen killed 3 Arbaki lapdogs, seizing two Kalashnikovs from them.

Mujahideen laid siege to a key base in Bagh-e-Shirkat and Bala Hisar fort, dismantling a base’s checkpoint, killing 6 puppets including two commanders, Muhibullah and Dokkta Kor form whose possession Mujahideen seized 1 rocket propelled grenade and 3 Kalashnikov machine guns.

Similarly, several enemy posts were leveled in the heavy fighting going on in Bandar-e-Khanabad (Khanabad port) which was cleared of the enemy troops and where a large number of the enemy soldiers suffered fatal casualties with a tank destroyed, while Mujahideen got their hands on a good deal of arms and ammo.

Mujahideen, having taken over the enemy combat posts in Khanabad Port, seized control of fifth security zone with significant strategic importance in the area.

Meantime, a Mujahid fighter embraced martyrdom and 5 others sustained injuries in the two-day long fighting.

Furthermore, there frontal conflicts between Mujahideen fighters and the enemy in downtown Kunduz where Mujahideen gained control civil security directorate and a number of the enemy troops suffered casualties with a tank destroyed.

Two Mujahideen became martyred in today’s operation, while heavy fighting is said to be in progress.


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