October 07, 2022

Killing defenseless people is a Crime

Killing defenseless people is a Crime

Since the beginning of the war, the invaders and the Kabul regime have prioritized the killing of innocent people as compared to the armed Mujahideen. The enemy can not face the Mujahideen therefore they take the revenge of their casualties from the defenseless nation. continued with its devotion, they target civilians, destroy their homes and repeats atrocities in various parts of the country, a clear example of which is the brutality is the Dasht-e Archi district of Kunduz province.

Enormous life and financial losses were inflicted on the nation in air and ground attacks by the enemy followed by absolute denial. Even if they are compelled to admit their wicked acts, they propagate that the initiative of attacks was taken by Mujahideen in that specific area and they only attacked as a response and reaction thus causing casualties to civilians. However and as a matter of fact, prior to the Dasht-e Archi and other tragedies, Mujahidin did not attack the enemy in the area nor were Mujahidin in the area present at the time of deliberate attack.

Islamic Emirate strongly condemns the targeting of civilian populations. In order to prevent civilian casualties, they have established a competent management department in their set up. The mentioned administrative department investigates civilian casualties all over the country, present Mujahideen for prosecution and if they are found guilty or involved in any of the cases, the court punishes the perpetrators according to Sharia law (Islamic legal laws).

The invaders and the internal stooges are drowning in their war crimes and anti-human activities, yet, ask for humanity, human rights and sympathy. The enemy repeatedly continue killing and demolishing of houses of defenseless civilians and they have continually repeated unprecedented crimes against humanity in various parts of the country.

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