December 10, 2022

Islamic education institute opened in Logar

Islamic education institute opened in Logar

 LOGAR, May 21 – A Madrasa (institute of Islamic education) named after the late Amir-ul-Momineen Mullah Mohammad Omar Rahimahullah was inaugurated with the efforts of regional concerned education authorities amid a gathering in Logar province.

The lessons are currently in progress in a Masjid (mosque); however, there are plans to construct a building for the very Madrasa in the village.

The Education & Training Commission is responsible for all the funding and expenses of the madrassa where the village children are being taught at the moment.

The locals are told during the meeting that the concerned education authorities of Logar province would do everything in the power to promote and improve education in the area and were willing to offer any kind of assistance and cooperation regarding Islamic institutions and schools.

The students of the madrassa, during the initial phase, have been provided with necessary items such as copies of the Holy Quran, desks, boards and so forth.

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