September 30, 2022

Governor of Farah province visits Bala Baluk district

Governor of Farah province visits Bala Baluk district

FARAH, Dec. 09 – Mr. Rohani during his visit to Bala Baluk district first met with a number of Mujahidin, tribal elders, local people and military and civilian officials of the district.

The Governor of Farah, while meeting with the elders of the district, said that we have come to visit the people of Bala Baluk district and to inquire about all the devoted people of Farah. The Governor also said that I am ready to serve you day and night not as your governor but as your servant and I have appointed a competent delegation to visit all the districts of Farah province before my visit to solve the problems. He also listened to the problems of the people and solved most of the problems.

Then Mr. Rohani requested people, to stand by our side as they stood for 20 years, we still want your full support, because people and the Mujahideen together can strengthen the system together.

Finally, the Governor of Farah supervised the work of the officials of the Islamic Emirate and gave them the necessary instructions to further their duties.

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