October 02, 2022

General Nicholson should declare truth to America

General Nicholson should declare truth to America

General John Nicholson – commander of American forces in Afghanistan who has been leading military efforts for a long time but was recently replaced and will be leaving – told a media conference via a telephone call on 30th May that the Ashraf Ghani government has been holding secret talks with the Taliban and that these talks are taking place at various levels.

This baseless claim by Nicholson is the continuation of the same old propaganda which has been pushed by American Generals to give a twisted picture about the political and military situation in Afghanistan to the American people. The Islamic Emirate – while rejecting this unfounded claim by Nicholson with an explicit statement published at the time – wishes to advise the said General: Do not turn a blind eye to the prevailing realities and do not falsely assure the American people and civil society about the situation of Afghanistan.

If Nicholson seeks the end of the longest and most futile war in American history as well as an end to wasting American lives and treasure in this land, then upon his return, he should declare the complete truth about a country located half way across the world (Afghanistan) and inform the American people about the miserable military situation.

Nicholson, having being involved and remained a witness, must inform the American officials and people that their does not even remain a glimmer of hope for winning the war in Afghanistan despite seventeen years of war and military efforts. Seventy percent of the Afghanistan remains under the control and influence of Taliban and their secret to success lies in the popular support they garner from the people due to their religious legitimacy and demands for independence.

Nicholson must also inform Americans about the fact that even though billions has been spend by the American taxpayers on the officials of the Kabul regime, they still do not possess any capacity of running a government. They care more about their own fortunes than the interests of Afghanistan and its people as the only thing they can be proud of is embezzling funds allocated to the Afghans, usurping government land, siphoning off military provisions and stuffing their pockets. This grotesque behavior has resulted in them losing all credibility in the eyes of the common folk and the Afghan nation view them as plunderers of national assets whose evil must be thwarted.

Nicholson must inform the policy makers of the United States that the only way forward in ending the Afghan imbroglio is to directly negotiate with the Taliban and come such an agreement where the interests of both countries is secured. Because the time has come where the complete truth about this continuing war must be made public while unjustified claims, self-deceiving and empty assurances must be shunned.

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