November 30, 2022

Gardez martyr attack leaves nearly 200 gunmen dead

Gardez martyr attack leaves nearly 200 gunmen dead

At around 06:30 am this morning a complex martyrdom operation was carried out on Police Special Unit, Spin Ghar Zone headquarters and the police headquarters, finally coming to an end after 9 hours at around 03:00 pm local time.

Martyrdom Seekers:

The participants of the operation were 5 Mujahideen from the martyrdom seeking battalion of Islamic Emirate namely Mullah Mansoor Ahmad Helmandi, Mullah Sufi Muhammad Wardak, Hafiz Mohibullah Zabuli, Mullah Hafeezullah Paktikawal and Mullah Zulfiqar Logari.


The attack began when Mullah Mansoor Ahmad drove his explosives packed truck to the middle of the mentioned 3 organs before detonating close to the living quarters of the base as a result, the walls of all 3 organs were destroyed and the living quarters of Police Special Unit completely leveled after which the remaining 4 martyrdom seekers entered in another explosives rigged car.

It must be mentioned that construction work was underway on Nizam Qarawol (Manning area) for all 3 organs and all barriers were removed therefore the martyrdom seekers used this opportunity to drive the truck inside without an hindrance.

Operation Details:

After the initial powerful explosion, the 4 Mujahideen reached their target areas and began killing the remaining dazed soldiers who were not killed in the blast after which they took up positions to engage the expected reinforcements.

The martyrdom seekers who through their communications said that they cleared all 5 blocks from all enemy presence, after which they detonated the second car bomb when the enemy gathered for inspection and began tactically engaging the enemy by letting them advance and then hitting them from behind.


According to credible information around 200 gunmen lived in the Police Special Unit blocks of which none have survived while the secondary car bomb and the close combat caused the enemy dozens of other casualties besides extensive damage caused to the headquarters.


This operation was quite damaging amid the ongoing annual campaign of ‘Operation Mansouri’ in which 200 Police Special Unit hirelings were killed besides dozens of other army, intelligence and other gunmen killed and wounded in the later clashes.

The remaining hireling forces must take heed from these attacks and must understand that aiding the American invaders will never save them from death and our nation will never forgive or have mercy on them for the national treason they are committing. They only have two choices: either repent, leave your duties or turn your weapons on the foreign invaders and infidel forces or they shall face the wrath of their nation and devastating attacks of the Mujahideen.

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