February 08, 2023

Dozens killed; 12 posts seized  

Dozens killed; 12 posts seized  

LAGHMAN, May 21 – Mujahideen took 8 military posts from the enemy in Alishang district of Laghman province in which a dozen of the enemy personnel suffered casualties.

Mujahideen recovered a large amount of heavy and light arms along with various kinds of ammunition from the posts.

Furthermore, 4 Arbakis were killed when Mujahideen seized 4 posts from the enemy in the provincial capital of Laghman province. Five Kalashnikov machine guns, 2 RPG rockets, 3 PK heavy Soviet machine guns and 1 hand grenade were seized from the enemy.
Mujahideen fighters exchanged fire with the enemy in Qarghayi district of laghman province but there are no reports of the enemy casualty toll.

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