November 26, 2022

Construction of Prototype of Green Tomb Starts in Kabul

Construction of Prototype of Green Tomb Starts in Kabul

KABUL, Nov. 20 – The work of constructing the modle of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Green Tomb of Madina started along Khairkhane Kotal road in PD17 of Kabul city and has been inaugurated by the mayor of Kabul Mawlawi Abdul Rashid.

The prototype is being made by the Kabul Municipality from personal expenses of a citizen named Haji Babi Zandi.

Addressing the inaugural ceremony the mayor of Kabul praised Mr. Zandi’s good step and added that urban beautification programs are implemented in order to preserve historical and Islamic values ​​and this series will be extended to other parts of the city.

This module is to be made in a round shape with a length and width of 10 meters and a height of 11 meters, including the bridge paths and the green area, within a month.

In this area, the stone pavement of the bridges, the installation of tables and other parts have also been designed.

A mosque has also been considered in front of the dome, where travelers can pray.

Kabul Municipality has built 15 intersections in the past one year, keeping in mind the old style of architecture, and currently, the beautification works of 5 intersections are under way.

It is worth noting that some time ago, an Islamic symbol similar to (Jerusalem) was made by the Kabul Municipality in the city.

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