Congratulatory Message of Sheikh Al-Quran and Hadith Mawlawi Hibatullah Akhundzada, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Emirate on the Arrival of the Auspicious Eid-ul Fiter

Congratulatory Message of Sheikh Al-Quran and Hadith Mawlawi Hibatullah Akhundzada, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Emirate on the Arrival of the Auspicious Eid-ul Fiter   1- To the Mujahid Nation of Afghanistan and to the Muslims Around the World! I wish you all a very happy Eid, may the Almighty Allah accept your fasting, […]

Congratulatory Message of Sheikh Al-Quran and Hadith Mawlawi Hibatullah Akhundzada, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Emirate on the Arrival of the Auspicious Eid-ul Fiter


1- To the Mujahid Nation of Afghanistan and to the Muslims Around the World!

I wish you all a very happy Eid, may the Almighty Allah accept your fasting, prayers and services.

Dear brothers! We should thank the Almighty Allah that after so many hardships, we benefit from peace and Islamic Sharia System, and by fulfilling the great duty of the holy month of Ramadan, we celebrate Eid in a peaceful atmosphere throughout the country. Alhamdulillah

All rich brothers should help their poor and destitute countrymen, orphans, widows and the families of the martyrs in every possible way, give your charity to the deserving people on these precious nights, so that they can fulfil their needs and enjoy Eid.

2- Officials and Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate are obliged to make more efforts and sincerity in serving the people, because serving the people is worship and should be done properly and their legitimate rights and happiness should be taken into account.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan considers itself responsible for the welfare of its people and ensures their rights under the Sharia law, it does this for the pleasure of the Almighty Allah and fulfilling its Sharia obligations, in order that everyone should be sure that their Sharia rights will be given, following this great purpose, the courts have been established both in the centre and provinces to help the oppressed, prevent oppression and to ensure justice, therefore, citizens should cooperate with the courts in ensuring justice and avoid recommendations, fake and fraudulent claims.

3- Since the main goal of our Jihad and struggle was the implementation of Islamic law, welfare of the people and the religious and moral reform of the society, with the grace of Allah, significant measures have been taken in this regard. The Vice and Virtue as our highest duty is under implementation, everyone should fully cooperate with the concerned ministry helping its employees in commanding good and preventing inappropriate acts.

Significant reform measures have been taken in culture, education, economy, media and other fields, and the bad intellectual and moral effects of the 20-year occupation are about to finish. Countrymen should consider these reform measures important, because living in the light of Sharia principles will lead to the well-being of our world and the hereafter, as well as the eternal happiness, success and salvation of our society.

The religious scholars and clerics should also pay attention to their responsibility in this regard and the Ministries of Vice and Virtue, Education, Higher Education and Information and Culture should work closely in informing people of religion and reforming their acts throughout the country, every nation and country can taste honour and real peace and prosperity when it does not disobey Allah, therefore, the task of reforming the people and informing them about religion has been given to the clerics and religious scholars, they should fulfil their obligations in this regard, try to reform and enlighten the people through mosques, gatherings, media and programs and become a means of good guidance for them, also, they should create an atmosphere of harmony and trust among themselves, avoid differences and pay attention to the great interest of religion and the people.

4- Our country has just come out of wars and sufferings, it is in dire need of construction and rehabilitation, now, we all have a shared responsibility to build our country, the development of Afghanistan is the responsibility of Afghans, we should not rely on others; rather, with courage and enthusiasm we should build this country and provide all possible conveniences to the people.

In this regard, the country’s national traders and investors have more responsibility than others, the Islamic

Emirate fully cooperates with them, provides them with facilities and standard services. Insha Allah

5- Security is the greatest blessings of the Almighty Allah. Let us stand by our system for ensuring the stability and security, so that our country and people will no longer face obstacles and suffer from insecurity, off course, some hostile groups will make their evil efforts to show the relevant security organizations weak and our country unsafe, but we are sure that with the help of Allah and the support of the nation, peace will be ensured and people will have a comfortable life. Insha Allah

6- Afghanistan wants positive relations with its neighbours, Islamic countries and the world, based on mutual benefits and within the framework of Islamic principles, since Afghanistan does not want to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, it also insists that other countries should not interfere in our internal issues, doing so is beneficial both for the world and Afghanistan.

7- Preventing the cultivation of poppy in the country and the implementation of the decree of the Islamic Emirate remains a great achievement, this great work shows the firm determination of the Islamic Emirate and the strong support of the people, and this makes it clear that Afghanistan will be cleaned of poppy cultivation and drugs soon.

Collecting drug addicts in Kabul and provinces and handing them safely to their families after treatment is another Sharia obligation that the Islamic Emirate has fulfilled, and the grief and pain of a large part of our people and families has been addressed, which was not done in the last 20-year.

8- Rounding up beggars in the centre and provinces, helping them and solving their problems was another important measure of kindness and compassion of the Islamic Emirate, which was done well and the process will complete soon, with this step, the professional and the really needy beggars were separated and the needy citizens were helped, and they were given a certain amount of aid from the national budget, professional beggars were counselled and disciplined, this is a great work in the history of Afghanistan which shows the unique sympathy of the Islamic Emirate with its people.

9- The relevant organizations of the Islamic Emirate are making all their efforts for economic development. So far, with the grace of Allah, they have been able to manage the country’s economy well despite the problems and international obstacles.

Making the last year’s budget from national income and then spending it well is a great reward from the Almighty Allah, this year, with the help of Allah we will take concrete steps in spending the national budget properly.

10- Extending education and training to the whole country and providing good training to all children is one of the responsibilities of the Islamic Emirate and effective plans for further development are also worked on.

11- For monitoring the work of the provincial offices, providing written and verbal advice on religious matters, observing the behaviour of the officials, sharing shortcomings with concerned people in a proper manner as well as building and maintaining relations between officials and the public, joint councils of scholars and clerics with specific TOR and framework were formed across the country, this was an important step that has been taken and we hope that many of the problems of the officials will be addressed this way, as a result, peace and trust will be further strengthened and the officials will be helped to carry out their responsibilities. Insha Allah

12- The courts and judiciary system of the Islamic Emirate, which has a special status among all the organizations, is a part of the Islamic System whose work is considered more important, because the main goal of the Islamic system is the protection of the head, wealth, intellect, status and all the rights given by Allah, therefore, all the judges and court’s officials are instructed to be more serious in obtaining people’s rights, resolving disputes and avoid favouritism, look at the crime instead of criminal, defend the oppressed, prevent the oppressor and solve people’s cases without delay and hindrance.


13- I instruct officials of the Ministry of Health to serve the nation day and night and extend every possible assistance, equip and activate health centres, address the problems, provide proper treatment to the people and take concrete steps toward improving health sector of the country.


14- In order to succeed, all security and defence forces of the Islamic Emirate must implement the followings:


  1. Make your will and intention only for the sake of the Almighty Allah,
  2. Everyone (youngers and elders) should adorn himself with piety,
  3. With the grace of Allah and blessings of the holy Jihad, we have achieved a great victory, therefore, always remember the Almighty Allah,
  4. Do justice, generosity and modesty and avoid arrogance, pride, oppression, betrayal and wasteful spending,
  5. Strictly avoid all kinds of discrimination,
  6. In Islamic Emirate, rewards should be based piety and trustworthiness,
  7. Do not offer jobs to your relatives, the appointment should be based on merit,
  8. Build trust and brotherhood among yourselves, avoid jealousy, complaints, backbiting and actions that create distrust,
  9. All Mujahid brothers, be committed to vice and virtue, continue the chain of education and training in every possible location, be strict to your prayers and pray with the congregation,
  10. Support the families of martyrs and appreciate those Mujahideen who fought and suffered during the 20-year of Jihad, they will not be left behind in the Islamic Emirate,
  11. In order that the Islamic Army can be cleaned of disqualified and corrupt people, all Mujahideen should extend their assistance with the Clearance Commission which has been appointed by the Islamic Emirate!
  12. Fully obey your seniors and strictly implement the orders of the Islamic Emirate,
  13. If someone wants to advise the leader, he advises him secretly, because secret advice is useful, do not give open advice, because open advice has negative effect instead of positive,
  14. Be accountable for your spending! The Messenger (PBUH) used to make accurate calculation with his finance officials, who were responsible for the treasury and deposits, likewise, Hazrat Omar Farooq did the same, therefore, being accountable is crucial and be responsive to your seniors and relevant departments,
  15. Be serious against the enemies of the religion and the country, security destroyers, robbers and criminals, but be very gentle and kind in dealing with public, no one should be harmed by false information, no one’s status, honour, head and wealth should be unjustly harmed, this nation needs mercy and compassion, we should be at their service, their security is our religious and national responsibility, but let us be careful not to disrespect our people in the name of security and defence and let no one complain to Allah because of our actions.

In the end, I would like to remind you to pay attention to the families of the martyrs, orphans, widows and relatives on the auspicious days of Eid-ul Fiter and do not spare your sympathy and help to the poor and needy people.



Sheikh Al-Quran and Hadith Mawlawi Hibatullah Akhundzada, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Emirate

Ramadan 27, 1444

18/4/2023 – 29/1/1402