February 07, 2023

Afghanistan in the month of May 2020

Afghanistan in the month of May 2020

Note: In the following article, only those incidents are discussed which are admitted and confirmed by the enemy as well. But for accurate and detailed information about losses and casualties of the enemy forces, one is advised to visit the official website of the Islamic Emirate on regular basis.

As mentioned in previous monthly reports that after the agreement is signed with Americans, Mujahidin attacks have significantly decreased. Besides this, there was a ceasefire during the first three days of ‘Eid-ul-Fitr’. But the amalgamation process of the enemy forces and personnel with Mujahidin was incessant. A number of enemy forces were also killed and wounded due to successful Mujahidin’s attacks on their military bases and centers. Civilian losses and casualties also increased significantly due to the indiscriminate attacks and blind bombing of the enemy forces in various parts of the country. These and various other issues of common interest are discussed under the following captions.

Losses of the foreign occupying forces:

As direct attacks on foreign occupying forces had been suspended, therefore they have suffered no significant losses or casualties during May.

But on Thursday May 21st, the American defense department reported that one of their soldier was killed in a noncombatant activity in the strategic ‘Bagram’ airbase without giving any further details.

Losses and casualties of the internal mercenaries:

The detailed information of losses and casualties of the internal enemy forces is quite difficult, but in the following lines some incidents are given as a handful out of a heap.

On Sunday 3rd May, the admin director of Supreme Court was killed by some unknown attackers on the main Kabul Jalal-Abad high way.

On Friday 8th May, the security chief of Khost province was killed by Mujahidin as he was on his way to launch military operations against Mujahidin in the area.

In another other incident, fire broke out between two rival groups of the stooge regime in ‘Maruf’ district of Kandahar province, in which eighteen people were killed from both sides including one of their commander.

On Monday 25th May, the corps commander of ‘Maiwand Corps’ in Helmand province passed away due to corona virus infection.

On Sunday 3rd May, SIGAR issued a report telling that the Kabul admin lost twelve of their planes during the previous three months by adding that some of these planes were shot down during attacks on opponents. On the same day, after this announcement, a helicopter of the enemy forces collapsed in ‘Shah Wali Kot’ district of Kandahar province.

Torture and losses of the civilian people:

Though after the peace agreement civilian losses have decreased to some extent, but still these innocent people suffered losses and casualties during May as the brutalities of the joint enemy forces were incessant.

In the following lines some instances are elaborated:

On Tuesday 5th May, the Islamic Emirate issued a statement which said that 363 civilian people were martyred by the joint enemy forces in various parts of the country during April.

On Thursday 7th May, the American Pentagon also admitted that more than one hundred civilian people were killed by their forces during the previous year.

On Saturday 9th May, nearly 21 civilian people were martyred and injured when the internal forces opened indiscriminate fire on the demonstrators in the center of Ghor province.

On Tuesday 12th May, a public health clinic was brought under mortar shelling by the internal forces in ‘Maidan Wardak’ province resulting in significant losses.

On the same day, twenty civilian countrymen were ruthlessly martyred and injured in the indiscriminate bombing of the enemy forces in Balkh province.

On Wednesday 27th May, seven children were martyred and injured in the blind bombing of the mercenary forces in Zabul province.

Complete details in this regard can be read in the monthly reports of ‘civilian losses and casualties by the enemy forces’ which are regularly published on the official website of the Islamic Emirate.

Amalgamation with Mujahidin:

Started just after the peace agreement, this process was incessant during the month of May, in which enemy forces and personnel left the stooge admin ranks and joined Mujahidin on the daily basis.

On Wednesday 13th May, the Islamic Emirate told in a statement that 1300 enemy forces and personnel joined Mujahidin in various parts of the country during the previous one month.

On Friday 1st May, one hundred and sixteen workers, policemen and soldiers of the enemy left their ranks and joined Mujahidin in Lughman and Maidan-Wardak provinces due to the indefatigable efforts of the ‘Invitation and Amalgamation Commission’ of the Islamic Emirate.

On Saturday 9th May, seventeen people of the enemy left the stooge admin and joined Mujahidin in the ‘Central Baghlan’ district of Balghlan province.

On Sunday 10th May, the former security chief and the father of the present governor of Farah province, General Bakhtawar joined Mujahidin in Farah province.

On Thursday 21st May, tens of the enemy personnel left their ranks and joined Mujahidin in Logar, Balkh and Baghlan provinces.

On Friday 29th May, a national security commander along with some of his loyal forces abandoned the enemy and joined Mujahidin in the center of Farah province.

On the following day, seventy one enemy forces left their ranks and joined Mujahidin in different districts of Laghman province.

Detailed information of this process can be found in the special reports of the ‘Invitation and Amalgamation Commission’ of the Islamic Emirate which are regularly published on its official website.

Al-Fath Operations:

Despite the significant decrease in Mujahidin’s attacks due to peace agreement and the ceasefire due to ‘Eid-ul-Fitr’ celebrations, several minor and major attacks were carried out on the enemy forces during the whole span of May.

On Monday 4th May, the special contingent of the national security forces came under a fatal motor bomb attack of Mujahidin in Helmand province, in which several enemy forces were killed and wounded.

On Thursday 14th May, the military compound of the mercenary forces came under a motor bomb attack of Mujahidin in Paktia province, in which the compound was destroyed and several enemy forces were killed and wounded.

Withdrawal of foreign occupying forces:

On Friday 1st May, CNN told that after signing the peace agreement with Taliban (= the Islamic Emiarte), America has a plan to withdraw all its forces from Afghanistan even before the scheduled timeframe.

On Thursday 14th May, in response to the recent attacks inside Afghanistan, President Trump told that they have no more plan to fight inside Afghanistan as significant amount of the their forces had already Afghanistan.

The present critical situation in America has also alarmed the warmonger American generals, and it is quite possible that any moment Trump can announce the emergency withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan.

Symbolic Elections and Shameful Democracy:

It has been more than six months as the bogus elections were held. Now as the fabricated results have been announced and both sides have taken the oath of their offices, eventually on Sunday 17th May, once again the votes of those numerous people were annulled who had casted it for the sake of enjoying peace and stability in the country, as both side came together and struck a deal for the sake of dividing power between themselves and getting a share as big as possible.

Astonishingly, the only outcome of this long and arduous process was the approval of offices and interests of those people who were even ready to shed the blood of the innocent people for the sake of ensuring their vested interests. In the meantime an illiterate individual who had numerous bitter experiences of defeat in various fields against Mujahidin, was (dis) honored with the bogus status of ‘Marshal’!!!


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