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Afghanistan in the month of March 2018

Afghanistan in the month of March 2018

N.B. Only those incidents are included in this article which are admitted by the enemy too. It is worth-reminding that for detailed and accurate information of losses and casualties of the savage foreign invaders and their internal mercenaries, one should visit ‘Alemarah’, the official website of the Islamic Emirate on the regular basis.

March 2018 was as usually fraught with magnificent Jihadi achievements and progress. During this month one more district was liberated and captured by heroic Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate, while numerous fatal attacks were carried out against the enemy. In this month, once again the foreign occupying forces went to the battle fields as fresh invading forces were sent to Afghanistan. All these and various other issues are elaborated in the following lines:

Losses and casualties of the foreign occupying forces:

Several meticulous and fatal attacks were carried out by the heroic Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate against the savage foreign invaders in March, in which severe losses and casualties were inflicted on them.

On Saturday 3rd March, a convoy of the foreign occupying forces was brought under attack in the ninth security circle inside Kabul, in which several foreign soldiers were killed and wounded.

On Saturday 17th March, another fatal attack was carried out against the foreign invaders inside Kabul, in which several of them were killed and wounded.

Although these attacks were confirmed by the deceitful enemy, but they did not admit the losses and casualties suffered by them. In this way the total number of foreign soldiers killed inside Afghanistan remained unaltered i.e. the same 3548 casualties.

Losses and casualties of the internal mercenary forces:

Reports show that the amount of losses and casualties has significantly increased among the ranks of the internal mercenary forces in the recent past. Though the exact numbers are not available due to the widespread operations of Mujahidin throughout the country, but on the average, more than ten stooge forces were killed per day in various Mujahidin’s attacks.

On Wednesday 7th March, the director of ‘Pilgrimage and Public Trusts’ for Nangarhar province was assassinated by some unknown men. He used to speak ill of Mujahidin and favored the savage foreign occupying forces.

On Wednesday 28th March, the stooge security commander for ‘Shiva’ district of Nangarhar province was killed by Mujahidin.

On Friday 30th March, a provincial member of the puppet council of Kunar province was killed in ‘Wata-Pur’ district of this province.

Losses and torture of the civilian people:

Torture and vexation of the civilian people and their losses and casualties have significantly increased. Both the savage foreign occupying forces as well as their internal mercenaries have turned their attention to ruthlessly harm the oppressed people of our country. Complete details in this regard can be read in the monthly reports of ‘Civilian losses and casualties’ which are regularly published on ‘Alemarah’, the official website of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Here in the following lines, some of these incidents are elaborated as a handful out of a heap:

On Sunday 4th March, four members of one and the same family were relentlessly martyred by the stooge campaign forces in ‘Nadar-Shah-Kot’ district of Khost province.

In the meanwhile, media reported about widespread demonstrations of civilian people in the central Ghazni province. These demonstrations were launched to protest against the cruelties and brutalities of the local unrestrained Arbaki militiamen, which continued for several days. Instead of fulfilling their demands and healing their wounds, the stooge provincial authorities ordered the local mercenary forces to disperse the demonstrators by force, in which several civilian people were killed and wounded.

On Sunday 4th March, the Radio Liberty, which always blows the trumpets of the savage foreign occupying forces, admitted by reporting that all the victims of recently launched military operations of the mercenary forces supported by their foreign invading masters in Kunduz province were innocent civilian people.

On Thursday 8th March, media reported that three health clinics were destroyed by the savage foreign invaders in collaboration with their internal mercenaries in Paktika province.

On Saturday 17th March, once again the innocent civilian people in ‘Chaprihar’ district of Nangarhar province were indiscriminately targeted by the savage foreign invaders. At least nine villagers were martyred in this brutal attack.

On Thursday 29th March, a graduation ceremony in a madrassa (an educational institute) was brutally attacked by the savage foreign occupying forces in Farah province, in which a number of teachers and students were martyred and injured.

On Friday 30th March, media reported that nearly thirty five civilian houses were demolished by the internal mercenary forces in ‘Maidan-Wardak’ and ‘Badakhshan’ provinces. Moreover, reports of demolishing several residential and commercial areas in ‘Takhar’ province were also received.

Mansoori Jihadi operations:         

On Thursday 1st March, severe fighting erupted between the heroic Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate and the mercenary commando forces of the stooge regime in ‘Darqad’ district of Takhar province, in which 13 commandos were killed and 15 others were injured. Eventually the enemy took to their heels from the battle field.

On Saturday 3rd March, a convoy of the savage foreign invaders was brought under a meticulous attack by Mujahidin in ninth security zone in the heart of Kabul, in which several foreign soldiers were killed and injured.

On Sunday 4th March, five villages were liberated and controlled by Mujahidin after a widespread operations against the mercenary forces in ‘Doaab’ district of Nuristan province.

On Wednesday 7th March, the central security headquarters and a check post on the main road in ‘Boldak’ district of Kandahar province were brought under a huge attack by Mujahidin, in which several enemy forces were killed and wounded.

On Friday 9th March, a main center and twelve military posts of the mercenary forces were captured by Mujahidin in the wake of a severe attack in ‘Khawaja Ghaar’ district of Takhar province.

On Saturday 10th March, the province council of Farah province reported and confirmed that thirty mercenary commandos were killed and six policemen were injured in a bloody battle in this province.

On Monday 12th March, ‘Anar Dara’ district in Farah province was controlled by Mujahidin.

On Saturday 17th March, another fatal attack was carried out by the courageous Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate on the savage foreign invaders in Kabul city, in which a number of foreign forces were killed and injured.

Besides these, hundreds of other major and minor attacks were carried out by Mujahidin against the foreign occupying forces and their internal mercenaries, which can be found and followed and various other Mujahidin’s publications.

Re-deployment of foreign occupying forces:

On Sunday 4th March, the NATO foreign occupying forces reported about the deployment of fresh forces in frontlines in Farah province. But they could not resist against the fatal blows of our heroic Mujahidin for long and absconded from the battle field on Monday 19th March.

On Tuesday 6th March, the daily Kabul News reported while quoting a political analyst named ‘Alekseronkove’ that the internal mercenary Afghan forces are used as shield by the wicked foreign occupying forces in the battle fields.

On Thursday 8th March, it was reported that Germany is going to send additional troops to Afghanistan. The report added that Germany intends to increase the number of its forces to 1300 soldiers in this war stricken country.

And at the closing day of March, a fresh brigade of the American occupying forces was deployed in Afghanistan. Though the exact number of these troops was not revealed, but usually a brigade comprises of two thousand armed soldiers.

Safeguarding the American interests:

In the recent past, some stooge politicians used to argue that the ongoing war inside Afghanistan is an inter-Afghan fighting and has nothing to do with foreign forces. But this perception was clearly denied and overturned by General Nicolson, commander of the foreign occupying forces. He announced on Thursday 1st March that foreign troops are here to safeguard the vested malicious interests of America inside Afghanistan and the region.

Plunder and looting of mineral resources:

For the last several years, the Islamic Emirate is constantly warning the pious and devoted people of our country that the wicked foreign invaders and their internal mercenaries are ruthlessly looting the wealth and mineral resources of our beloved homeland.

On Monday 5th March, Senator Alkozai, a member of the stooge setup, told the Spotnik news agency in an interview that the savage foreign occupying forces are deeply involved in looting and plundering the precious mineral resources, by adding that he has substantiated evidences to prove this felony of the invaders and their internal mercenaries.

Infiltrated Mujahidin:

For the last few years, Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate have tactically and systematically infiltrated a large number of their associates in the enemy ranks which proved quite successful for them. These infiltrated people can leak out crucial information which helps Mujahidin in re-scheduling their operations against the enemy. Moreover, dignitaries and key commanders of the enemy, both foreign invaders and their internal stooges, can be easily targeted by these insider Mujahidin. In the past, severe losses and heavy casualties have been inflicted on the enemy in such fatal attacks.

On Monday 5th March, the puppet governor of Farah province expressed his deep concerned about the significant increase of infiltrated Mujahidin in various ranks of the mercenary army and other security forces.

Educational Institutions or Military Barracks:

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has left no stone unturned to open and inaugurate educational institutes throughout the country, particularly in the areas controlled by Mujahidin. In this connection, several practical steps were taken and even agreements were reached out in some cases with the educational departments of respective areas. But, on the contrary, the stooge enemy is consistently taking undue advantage by using educational institutions as their military barracks in various parts of the country.

On Sunday 25th March, the educational directorate of the stooge setup in Helmand province reported that several schools in this province were occupied by the mercenary forces, by using them as military posts in fighting against Mujahidin.

Tashkent Meeting:

On Monday 26th March, a gathering was convened in Tashkent city in which twenty two countries participated. Apparently this gathering was the series of meetings convened for supporting the so called peace process in the country. Participants of Tashkent meeting mainly concentrated on adopting the non-interference policy for all foreign countries in Afghan affairs. Taliban were also invited to accept the peace initiative of the stooge admin in Kabul, whereas most of the participants of this gathering have military presence in our country and they are extraordinarily involved and interfering in all the internal and external matters of our country.

Sources: Internal and External news sites, monthly reports of the ‘Invitation and Amalgamation Commission’ of the Islamic Emirate, monthly reports of ‘Civilian Losses and Casualties’.

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