Afghanistan in the month of June 2017

N.B. In the following article, only those incidents are elaborated which are also admitted and confirmed by the enemy. Exact and detailed figures of losses and casualties suffered by the wicked foreign invaders and their internal mercenary forces, which are observed by the masses all over the country but mostly denied by the enemy, can […]

N.B. In the following article, only those incidents are elaborated which are also admitted and confirmed by the enemy. Exact and detailed figures of losses and casualties suffered by the wicked foreign invaders and their internal mercenary forces, which are observed by the masses all over the country but mostly denied by the enemy, can be found and read in the official website of the Islamic Emirate.

June 2017 was one of the fatal months for the enemy, in which, meticulous and severe attacks were carried out by heroic Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate on the wicked foreign invaders and their internal mercenary forces. Besides these attacks, this month was the witness of various other significant and striking incidents. Let us read the details of these incidents in the following lines together under various captions.

Losses and casualties of savage foreign invaders:

In June, on one side, the mercenary enemy could not spend even a single day without suffering heavy sufferings and casualties; and on the other side, this month was fraught with fatal and deadly attacks on the wicked foreign occupying forces. In this month, at least, three such fatal attacks were carried out on the savage foreign invaders, including two infiltrated attacks and one road-side mine blast, in which, fourteen foreign crusade criminals were killed and sent to the abyss of hell.

On Monday 12th June, an armored tank of brutal foreign invaders was targeted by Mujahidin in a road-side landmine in ‘Ghani Khail’ district of ‘Nangarhar’ province, in which, five soldiers on board of this military tank were killed on the spot. But, once again, the deceiving and wicked foreign enemy denied to admit and reveal the facts, and accepted only three of their casualties in this month.

(The details of infiltrated attacks of foreign occupying forces can be read in the following lines under a separate caption.)

In this way, the number of foreign forces killed inside Afghanistan in 2017 and admitted by them rose to 7, while the total number of these forces killed here from the beginning of the illegitimate invasion rose to 3535. Among them, 2399 are American soldiers and the remaining ones are British soldiers and the national of different other invading partners.

It is worth mentioning that the actual losses and casualties of the wicked foreign invaders, based on authentic and verified sources and witnesses, are significantly higher than those confirmed and released by them. But it is inevitable part of their devious policy to conceal and pervert the facts and ground realities for deceiving their masses and thus prolonging the illegitimate occupation of our beloved homeland.

Losses and casualties of mercenary enemy:

June was also a fatal month full of disasters for the internal mercenary forces who were as sincere in serving their foreign crusade masters as ever. Due to the extension and intension of fighting throughout the country, it is rather difficult to receive or collect exact figures, but the enormity of their losses and casualties can be estimated from the annual reports of some of the independent organs working in this regard. Most of these reports say that the number of their losses and casualties exceeds thousands per year. In June too, hundreds of their personnel were made scapegoat for malicious crusade objectives. In the following a handful examples out of a heap is given which can help one to judge the whole.

On Sunday 18th June, the governor of ‘Chaghansore’ district in was killed in a successful attack of Mujahidin in ‘Nimroze’ province.

On the following day, a police commander including six of his armed men were killed in ‘Grishk’ district of ‘Helmond’ province.

On the same day, a judge of appeal court of ‘Nangarhar’ province was killed in an adhesive-mine blast in ‘Jalal Abad’ city, the capital of this province.

Financial losses of the enemy:

Both the wicked foreign invaders and their internal mercenary forces were not only brought under fatal and meticulous attacks in different parts of the country, in which, vast areas were liberated from them and a large number of their personnel either surrendered or united with Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate; but huge financial losses were also inflicted on them. For example, on Friday 9th June, an unmanned drone was hit and brought down by Mujahidin in ‘Nangarhar’ province.

Releasing war prisoners:

The Islamic Emirate is not only fully abiding the lofty guiding principles and rules of Islamic Sharia in both political and fighting fronts, but also remain strictly adhesive to Sharia rules and regulation in dealing those security forces and soldiers who are caught red handed in face to face confrontations. During the previous years of war, thousands of such soldiers and policemen have been released and sent back to their families with full confidence after guiding them to the right path and taking an oath of commitment not to join the mercenary forces again.

On Friday 2nd June, 11 soldiers of stooge army of the puppet regime were set free by Mujahidin after detaining them in ‘Shah Wali Kot’ district of ‘Kandahar’ province.

On Monday 5th June, 62 policemen, Arbaki militiamen and army soldiers were released, despite the bitter incident that, on the same day, several corpses of martyrs were inhumanly insulted by the savage and unrestrained militiamen of puppet regime in ‘Faryab’ province.

On Friday and Saturday, 23rd and 24th June, 20 incarcerated forces of stooge admin were released in ‘Urzgan’ province, while 16 others were set free in various other provinces on the auspicious occasion of ‘Eid-ul-Fitr’ (the Muslim festival celebrated at the end of the Holy month of ‘Ramadan’ i.e. fasting month).

Though all the incarcerated forces of the puppet regime are dealt with in such a highly moral and Islamic way, but, on the other hand, thousands of Mujahidin and numerous other innocent people, incarcerated on the lame and baseless excuses of having contacts with Mujahidin, are tortured and agonized on the daily basis by various excruciating techniques by both, the brutal foreign occupying forces and their internal mercenary forces of unknown parentage or lineage.

Helpless people and merciless enemy:

Like previous months, June was also fraught with killing, torture and oppression of helpless civilian people by the savage foreign invaders as well as their internal mercenary forces, in which, numerous of innocent countrymen were martyred and injured. Complete details in this regard can be read in the report of civilian losses and casualties, regularly published on monthly basis in the official website of the Islamic Emirate. In the following lines, some incidents of civilian losses have been elaborated just as a handful out of a heap.

On Monday 12th June, civilian people were brought under indiscriminate fire by the savage foreign invaders in retaliation to the attack carried out by Mujahidin against them in ‘Ghani Khail’ district of ‘Nangarhar’ province, in which, 3 persons of one and the same family were martyred.

On Thursday 15th June, 3 children were martyred on the spot in a random mortar shelling of the brutal foreign invaders in ‘Said Abad’ district of ‘Maidan Wardak’ province.

On Friday 16th June, a poor labor was relentlessly martyred by the mercenary police in the capital city of ‘Kabul’.

On Monday 19th June, 5 innocent people working in a chicken farm were brutally martyred in ‘Nangarhar’ province by the so called special forces of stooge admin of Kabul.

On Sunday 25th June, on the special occasion of ‘Eid-ul-Fitr’ (the festival celebrated by Muslims after the holy month of ‘Ramadan’ i.e. fasting) civilian countrymen in ‘Achin’ district of ‘Nangarhar’ province were brought under barbaric and indiscriminate bombing by the savage foreign occupying forces, In which, 16 innocent people of one and the same family including women and children were martyred.

Deployment of fresh occupying forces:

On Friday 16th June, the American invaders announced that they would send additional 4000 troops to Afghanistan to prolong their illegal and brutal occupation. Similarly:

On Thursday 29th June, the British invaders vowed to deploy fresh 100 occupying forces in the already war weary country of Afghanistan.

But just one day later, in a meeting of defense ministers of NATO occupational alliance in Brussels, contrary to the expectations of American and British invaders, the strategy of deploying additional fresh forces in Afghanistan came under serious criticism and the meeting ended without any approval.

‘Mansoori’ Jihadi operations:

Like previous months, ‘Mansoori’ Jihadi operations were in full swing in June too by having significant achievements for the heroic Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate.

On Thursday 8th June, 5 military check-posts were captured by Mujahidin in ‘Khass Urzgan’ district of ‘Urzgan’ province.

On the same day Mujahidin had significant progress in ‘Faryab’ province, in which, the strategic village of ‘Sheikhi’ was controlled and liberated by them.

On Wednesday 14th June, a meticulous and deadly attack was carried out by Mujahidin against the notorious Arbaki militiamen in ‘Sangori’ area of ‘Grishk’ district in ‘Helmond’ province, in which, tens of their armed militiamen were killed and wounded.

On Sunday 18th June, the security headquarters in ‘Gardez’ city of ‘Paktia’ province was the witness of a huge and deadly attack of collective martyrdom seeking Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate, in which, huge financial losses and casualties were inflicted on the mercenary forces of puppet regime.

Two days later, the white flag of the Islamic Emirate was hoisted on ‘Darzab’ district of ‘Jozejan’ province after huge and severe attacks of Mujahidin, and all the security forces and Arbaki militiamen surrendered to Mujahidin, as they were disappointed due to the shortage of ammunition and lack of stooge regime’s interest in their support.

On the same day, another deadly attack was carried out on the security guard of the strategic ‘Bagram’ airport, as all the targeted personnel were killed in this fatal and successful attack.

Infiltrated attacks:

The series of successful infiltrated attacks remained incessant in June, though the information about some of them was revealed, and in some cases, the enemy succeeded in hiding their losses and casualties in these deadly attacks. Some of these attacks are discussed in the following lines:

On Sunday 4th June, an infiltrated police succeeded in killing 8 other policemen and injuring 5 others in 15 security zone of ‘Kandahar’ province.

On Saturday 10th June, a heroic infiltrated soldier managed to kill four savage foreign soldiers in ‘Achin’ district of ‘Nangarhar’ province. He was then martyred in retaliation by the mercenary internal forces who always try to remain loyal to their foreign crusade masters.

On Saturday 17th June, four foreign occupying forces were killed by another courageous infiltrated soldier in ‘Shaheen’ corps in ‘Balkh’ province. He was also martyred by the local stooge Afghan in-security forces, the collaborators of foreign infidel forces in the illegitimate occupation of our beloved homeland.

Friendly attacks:

The Afghan mercenary army, policemen and the notorious Arbaki militiamen, hired for a small amount of dollars, have actually no value in the eyes of their foreign masters, therefore, the unrestrained American forces did not refrain from shedding the blood of their loyal internal stooge forces in the month of June. In the previous several years of foreign occupation, a large number of Afghan mercenary forces were killed in the so called mistaken and friendly attacks. Since there is no one to enquire or lament on such incidents, therefore, this process is still incessant.

On Friday 9th June, the boundary police force of the puppet regime was indiscriminately bombed in ‘Nad Ali’ district of ‘Helmond’ province by the jet fighters of those well-equipped brutal foreign invaders who once arrogantly claimed of seeing and differentiating even a tiny object on the ground. In this successful attack of foreign masters, 30 mercenary policemen were killed and injured.

The process of amalgamation with Mujahidin:

In the previous month, 318 workers, soldiers and policemen left the stooge admin and joined Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate in various parts of the country. This process was incessant in June too, in which, several security personnel and other officials of different ranks abandoned the puppet regime and united with Mujahidin by realizing the ground realities and the malicious objectives of wicked foreign invaders and their internal stooges. Detailed report of these amalgamated forces with Mujahidin can been found in ‘Alemarah’, the official website of the Islamic Emirate.

On Tuesday 20th June, tens of soldiers, policemen and Arbaki militiamen of puppet regime surrendered to Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate in ‘Darzab’ district of ‘Jozejan’ province.

Internal differences of the puppet regime:

Since the stooge admin of Kabul is based on differences from the very first day of its inauguration, therefore, it has been the victim of perpetual rivalries of various heterogeneous elements, being the essential part and parcel of this set up. In the recent past, some weak an uninfluential shareholders of the puppet regime demonstrated against the stooge admin on the excuse of improving law and order situation. In the indiscriminate retaliation of the police force who were then considered their guards and defenders, 3 of these protestors were killed and 8 others were injured.

A day later, the funeral processions of these protestors became the target of some more blasts, in which, 19 more people were killed. The so called security directorate of the stooge admin tried its best to blame Mujahidin for its utter failure, but the Islamic Emirate openly rejected any involvement in these incidents, by calling it the inevitable outcome of deep internal differences among various heterogeneous organ of the puppet regime.

On Sunday 11th June, the deputy head of the Islamic Emirate condemned these attacks in one of his voice messages, by calling the latest convulsion in the country the natural outcome of the prolonged and deep internal differences of the puppet regime in Kabul.

On Tuesday 6th June, in a gathering against the stooge admin in ‘Herat’ province, 6 people were killed and 16 more were injured. In the wake of these incidents and differences, the security chief and some other high ranking officials in Kabul were suspended, and ‘Amrullah Saleh’, the special advisor to the puppet head of stooge admin in security issues also resigned from his post.

On Tuesday 20th June, another protestor was killed by police inside ‘Kabul’.

Appointment of new head for the so called ‘Peace Council’:

The bogus ‘Peace Council’, mainly formed for deceiving and misguiding the freedom lovers and innocent people of this country, despite its lavish expenditures of millions of dollars in the past several years, has no practical achievement with the exception of deceiving some people like ‘Hikmatyar’. This council remained without any leader or head for long. Eventually on Tuesday 6th June, ‘Karim Khalili’, a controversial head of one of the loyal sects to the foreign occupying forces, was appointed as a new head of this ‘Council’ apparently for the restoration of peace through dialogue, but, in reality, for strangling any peaceful solution of this dilemma by appointing such a controversial figure who has been the part of the prolonged suffering of helpless Afghan masses!!!