October 04, 2022

71 killed, over 33 injured as martyr attack hits enemy base

71 killed, over 33 injured as martyr attack hits enemy base

 GHAZNI, June 12 – A martyr attack, latest in the series of Operation Khandaq, hit enemy base in Maqur district of Ghazni province on Tuesday, killing 51 joint enemy personnel and leaving 33 more wounded.

As per details, a brave Mujahid of martyr squad of the Islamic Emirate slammed his explosive-filled vehicle into a major enemy base in Maqur district of southern Ghazni province late yesterday night, blowing the facility apart and razing it to ground.

Eight tanks and seven vehicles were destroyed in the huge blast while a great deal of arms, ammo and military equipment were burned down in the explosion.

Almost simultaneously, Mujahideen targeted the military units belonging to militia elsewhere in the said district, sparking off fighting that continued till the evening hours of the Tuesday in which 18 Arbakis including a commander were killed and several dozens more were wounded.

Mujahideen dismantled two of the enemy posts, destroying 3 tanks and seizing 2 motorbikes and a good deal of arms and ammo.

Early Tuesday, a roadside bomb blast killed 2 puppets and left 2 more when as their struck IEDs in Qarabagh district of Ghazni province.

In the provinces’ Dayak district, the enemy targeted with heavy weapons the homes of civilians in Dayak district of Ghazni province last night. This came after the head of Kabul administration, Ashraf Ghani announced a cease fire of 7 days in Kandahar days last night.

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