December 02, 2022

7 killed, 9 injured in country east

7 killed, 9 injured in country east

 NANGARHAR, Nov. 22 – At least 4 puppets were killed and 2 more were wounded with a vehicle destroyed in an ambush attack in Sorkh Rowd district of Nangarhar province, whereas Mujahideen also seized arms and ammo from the enemy’s possession.

In Jalalabad city, the capital of Nangarhar province, an NDS agent was killed, while 3 Arbakis were wounded in an attack on a post in Deh Bala district of the province.

Similarly, 2 enemy soldiers were killed in Lalpura district of Nangarhar province.

In a report from neighboring Laghman province, 4 Arbakis received wounds when they walked into the Mujahideen ambush in Dawlat Shah district of Laghman province.

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