November 30, 2022

48 enemy military personnel switch side in Laghman

48 enemy military personnel switch side in Laghman

LAGHMAN, Feb. 28 – Al-Emarah News said 48 enemy military personnel including army, police and local militia changed side to Islamic Emirate and joined Mujahideen with their weapons in different parts of Laghman province.

It said 19 enemy personnel joined up with Mujahideen in Alingar district of Laghman province whose names are listed below:

1.Fazl ur Rahman

2.Fazal Haq


4.Shir Jan


6.Samar GUl

7.Zia ul Haq


9.Abdul Ghani

10.Khan Zadah

11.Sar Mast

12.Fazal Karim

13.Abdul Hakeem

14.Mohammad Hanif


16.Mahammad Shah Khan

17.Imam Hussain



Similarly 12 joint enemy personnel surrendered themselves to Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate below is the list of their names:

1.Ali Nazar

2.Sherin Agha

3.Syed Abas

4.Ahmad Shah

5.Gul Agha

6.Zia ud Din

7.Syed Agha


9.Zia ur Rahman

10.Ata ur Rahman

11.Hamisha Gul

12.Sanan Gul

Likewise 16 joint enemy soldiers gave in to Mujahideen with their weapons in the provincial capital of Laghman province and the list of their names is as follows:


2.Yar Mohammad



5.Mohammad Zarif



8.Asghar Khan

9.Abdul Bari

10.Mohmmad Dad

11.Allah Mohammad






This Islamic Emirate appreciated the move and warmly welcomed the surrender and assured them of their safety and full support on its part.

This led to a meeting convened by the seniors of the commission of Dawat-ul-Irshad in Alingar district of Laghman province on the same day.

The meeting attended by a large number of people Ulama and Mujahideen began by some verses from the Holy Quran and lasted for hours.

Notable Ulama gave speeches on several different topics and expressed their joys and statistician over such events.

Meantime the following issues were presented:

a.   The Ulam are requested to stay united and set up a unanimous Fiqh Council so as to offer all-inclusive s to the issues and problem of the public.

b.   Ulam must try to do everything in their power to forbid what wrong and evil which is one of their primary and foremost responsibilities.

c.    The Islamic Emirate is made up of the Ulam, Tulaba, Mashaikh and Islamic-loving people , correspondingly its success and failure depend on us all and every one of us has their own share of its both success and failure.

Similarly, let us join forces to work for its stability, solidarity and strength.

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