December 04, 2022

2 districts, 4 posts seized in Paktika

2 districts, 4 posts seized in Paktika
PAKTIKA, July 10 – The district of Zirok, its checkpoints and police headquarters fell to Mujahideen in which 20 puppets were captured.

Furthermore, 5 military vehicles, 1 military truck, 1 tank, and 16 rifles, 25 heavy machine guns, 25 Kalshnikovs, 3 sniper guns, 4 DhSK (heavy antiaircraft machine guns, 2 SPG 9, 4 rockets, 17 light machine guns, and a great deal of ammunition of several different kinds.

Similarly, 4 posts and the provisional center of the district of Omna in Paktika province were also taken over by Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate

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