February 08, 2023

30000 jeribs of grabbed land retrieved in Kunduz

30000 jeribs of grabbed land retrieved in Kunduz

KABUL, Jan. 09 – As many as 30,000 jeribs of grabbed land has been restituted in northern Kunduz province, said an official.

Mawlawi Amanullah Hassan, the provincial agriculture director said a commission tasked to retrieve grabbed lands was able to identify 85,000 acres of grabbed land in which 30,000 had been retrieved.

Local residents hailed government decision for retaking grabbed lands from grabbers and demanded punishment for land grabbers.

According to the previous government figures, nearly 1.6 million jeribs of state land was grabbed by people, powerful individuals and officials of the past government.

It is mentionable that the commission set up for the purpose of retrieving stat land has been able to clear over 300000 jeribs of land across the country and the process is still ongoing.

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