September 30, 2022

246 military personnel suffer casualties in martyr attack in Kabul   

246 military personnel suffer casualties in martyr attack in Kabul   

KABUL, Jan. 27 – At least 246 military personnel including officers have sustained casualties in a martyr attack latest in series of Operation Mansoori in the Afghan capital, Kabul, according to Al-Emarah News.

Al-Emarah reporter said a brave Mujahid of the martyr unit of the Islamic Emirate, Salahuddin from Kandahar province drove his vehicle filled with explosives in the old interior ministry building and blew it up at the second checkpoint at the entrance of the interior ministry after passing the first checkpoint on Saturday.

The area has been under observation over the last week for the operation to take place and today’s attack was the right thing at the right time as the  officials, staff, officers and military personnel of the interior ministry were gathered at lunchtime close to the attack site.

As many as 246 enemy personnel including officers were among those suffered casualties in today’s martyr attack which came after the Helmand operation that killed a large number of the puppets.

Saturday’s martyr operation was in retaliation against the enemy airstrikes on defenseless civilians, razing their houses and their abductions.

Similarly, it is a message to salve regime that its slavery to U.S terrorists and their allies will get them nowhere and their fate will be decided by the nation.

If they choose to remain in servitude to the U.S aggressors they will be destined to face the same fate and justice will certainly be done.

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