October 04, 2022

15 killed, 3 injured

15 killed, 3 injured

 PAKTIA, Apr. 18 –   At least 3 puppets were killed when Mujahideen attacked a post of the local militia in Mirzaka district of Paktia province.

In another report, 2 enemy soldiers were killed and 3 more were wounded in a brief exchange of fire with Mujahideen and another 3 were killed when Mujahideen attacked the enemy military convoy in the Zurmat district of the province.

According to other reports, 6 enemy personnel lost their lives in attacks on enemy military units in Gardiz city, the provincial capital of Paktia province.

Separately, 1 enemy soldier was killed when Mujahideen targeted a check post in Ahmad Abad district of the province.

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