October 05, 2022

Member of Parliament killed in Kandahar ambush

Member of Parliament killed in Kandahar ambush

KANDAHAR, Mar. 04 – A former warlord and the current member of puppet parliament for Helmand province – Malim Mirwali – was killed amid a Mujahideen ambush close to Karta Malimeen area in PD10 of Kandahar city this morning.

He became an immediate target for Mujahideen after he recently expressed great happiness on martyrdom of Islamic Emirate’s governor for Kanduz – Mula Abdul Salam Akhund – and called it a major achievement during an interview.

It must be mentioned that a high rank officer of police administration – Mawlvi Nizamudin – was also killed by a Mujahideen ambush in Kandahar city on Thursday.

Despite that Kandahar city streets are full of stooge soldiers, police and spies, but mercenary troops still faces extreme panic in controlling targeted operation of Mujahideen in the city.

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