October 05, 2022

Many killed as enemy offensive forced back

Many killed as enemy offensive forced back

PAKTIA, Mar. 9 – Al-Emarah News said Mujahideen fighters repelled the enemy’s ground operation after hours of fighting in Jani Khel district Paktia province on Wednesday causing the enemy heavy toll, adding it is not yet clear how many have been killed or wounded.

In another report from Paktia, people in Syed Karam district of the province took to street Wednesday in a protest against the enemy’s ransacking civilians’ homes.

The enemy military personnel outrageously beat up the civilians and took a number of the protester prisoner to foil the protest.

Al-Emarah News said separately, at least 3 puppets were killed in a clash resulting from Mujahideen ambush in Zurmat district of the province on Wednesday in which a vehicle was also destroyed.

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