February 07, 2023

Deliberate targeting of civilians by Kabul regime!!

Deliberate targeting of civilians by Kabul regime!!

In a report by Watson Institute, it was revealed that civilian deaths caused by the airstrikes of America and the Kabul administration increased by 330 percent since 2017. It has further been stated in this report that following the Doha agreement between the Islamic Emirate and America, there has been a decrease in attacks by the American side but an increase from the Kabul administration. These attacks have martyred mostly common civilians. According to the report’s statistics, in the first six months of this year, 189 civilians had been martyred and wounded in Kabul administration airstrikes. In July, August and September, seventy civilians were martyred and ninety others wounded.

It is indeed a reality that after 2017, there has been an increase in American and Kabul administration airstrikes, and that the majority of those affected are common people. Such is the barbarity of the enemy that it did not consider sparing women and children either. The numbers of civilians causalities reported by Watson Institute do not reflect reality. The real figures are much higher than what has been reported.

During this year, in Helmand’s Sangin, Musa Qala, Nad Ali and Nahr Saraj districts; in Kandahar; Logar; Paktia; Ghazni; Zabul; Baghlan; Jowzjan; Balkh; Nangarhar and many other provinces, hundreds of civilians were martyred and wounded every month in the deadly strikes of the invaders and their puppets. Their homes, shops, madrassas and schools were diliberately targeted. The Kabul administration has increased its bombardment on residential areas especially after the Doha agreement. Because of such barbarity, civilians have been martyred on a great scale and this horrific series is has yet to cease.

The Islamic Emirate condemns any kind of attack on the civilian population and considers deliberate targeting an unforgivable crime. The Islamic Emirate demands that the criminals be subject to severe punishment. The relevant organizations need to realize their responsibility too. Pressure must be placed on the Kabul administration so that it ceases killing civilians, destroying their homes and looting their valuables.

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