October 05, 2022

Afghans have an unbreakable bond

Afghans have an unbreakable bond

A few days earlier the US Democratic Party Presidential candidate Joe Biden questioned the unity of Afghans in an irresponsible comment by proclaiming that Afghanistan is not a united nation. His comments drew a slew of responses that labeled his remarks a sign of his ignorance regarding the reality of Afghanistan.

Joe Biden’s statement was misplaced and unsubstantiated because Afghanistan is the most united country internationally and regionally due to the strong religious, cultural and historical ties among its inhabitants. The reality remains that the principle cause behind why Afghanistan has been saved in times of great tribulations, invasions and extreme trials while not losing its existent identity as a country is because the people of this land have an unbreakable bond of unity and brotherhood among them.

History is a witness that the great political upheavals, world wars and imperialistic endeavors gripping the globe over the recent course of history transformed many geographies and split many nations however Afghanistan as a country maintained its national makeup which serves as an unmistakable proof of unity among its people.

It is imperative to note that the unity of the vast Afghan ethnicities take root from the common religion, common culture, common history and common values among them. Foreigners have repeatedly tried to sow the seeds of hatred and division among the Afghan people. They once framed and propagated the 90’s war among political parties over personal interests and power as ethnic strife and recently established multiple media outlets and parties focused on ethnic rivalries.

But the Afghan nation has neutered all enemy plots with the Help of Allah (SwT). By maintaining unity and brotherly relations, this nation has dashed the hopes of ethnic hate preachers like Joe Biden and pushed the racially-driven political parties bankrolled by the invaders to the brink of failure and humiliation. An example of the people’s answer to the foreign hate-propagating plot was the previous elections drama –– the invaders sought to ignite the fire of hatred through a racially-motivated elections process but the nation responded to them in unison by boycotting the supposed elections and burying the hopes of hypocrites alongside them.

The Islamic Emirate is of the belief that the believing nation of Afghanistan has exemplary and unbreakable bond of unity among themselves. Those with misplaced notions about the unity of the Afghan people are either truly ignorant about our homeland and people or our collective Jihad has cut some real deep wounds into their hearts.

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