February 06, 2023

Acting Interior Minister meets national cricket team

Acting Interior Minister meets national cricket team

KABUL, Mar. 11 – The Acting Interior Minister of the Islamic Emirate if Afghanistan, Khalifa Saheb Sirajuddin Haqqani met with the leadership and players of the national cricket team.

The interior minister inquired about the condition of the national team, congratulated them on their victory, encouraged them to unite and gave them necessary recommendations.

Khalifa Saheb called the players representatives of the entire nation and ambassadors of peace.

Mr Haqqani promised to give players special cards for their security, adding that with the change in the system , cricket was moving towards more positive development and transparency.

The Home Minister also said that the cricket board was independent in its work and there would be no interference in it.

The members of the national team thanked the Minister of Interior for ensuring that the players’ problems were resolved and promised to cooperate.

In the end, Khalifa Saheb assured the members of the national team of his full support.

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