January 30, 2023

7 killed, 11 injured in Paktia operation   

7 killed, 11 injured in Paktia operation   

PAKTIA, Aug. 25 – At least 7 puppets were killed and 11 more were injured after Mujahideen took by surprise the enemy taskforces consisting a large number of tanks and vehicles in Jani Khel district of Paktia province on Friday.

The fighting went on through much of the day and Mujahideen forced the enemy back, while a Mujahid was martyred and another two were wounded in the Friday.

The enemy’s claims that they regained the distict center are completely false.

Early today, a roadside bomb blast killed 2 policemen and left another wounded elsewhere in the mentioned district.

Separately, there were completions between the primary, middle and high schools in Zurmat district on Thursday of Paktia province in which about 6000 student took part.

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