September 27, 2022

13 puppets killed, 21 injured in Ghazni operations

13 puppets killed, 21 injured in Ghazni operations
 GHAZNI, Aug. 1 – Al-Emarah News said Monday Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate conducted a large-scale operation aimed at the enemy installations in southern Afghanistan and targeted the enemy posts and bases in several parts of Shalgar district of Ghazni province, exacting fatal losses on the enemy on Sunday.

As many as 13 enemy personnel, including commandos, police, army and Arbakis were killed and a further 21 were injured in the daylong fighting.

Later, the enemy shelled several villages, causing the civilians heavy damages.

Five houses are said to have been flattened in the enemy mortar shelling, while a large number of domestic, herding and pet animals were killed in the enemy attacks on the villages.

In another report from Ghazni, a tank was destroyed in Mujahideen attack elsewhere in the said district late Sunday, leaving all those aboard it dead and wounded.

Early today, a puppet was shot and killed in a sniper attack.

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