November 26, 2022

11 killed, post overrun in Logar

11 killed, post overrun in Logar

LOGAR, Sep. 26 – Two puppets were killed and one suffered injuries in a 2-hour long gunfight with Mujahideen in Azrah district of Logar province, according to reports from Logar.

Reports added Mujahideen succeeded in overrunning a combat post belonging to local militia and seized 1 PK heavy machine gun 2 Kalashnikov machine guns with a good deal of ammo.

A Mujahid fighter became martyr and another one suffered wounds in the operation.

On Monday, a series of Mujahideen attacks killed 9 puppets and left a further 4 injured with 2 supply trucks and a tank destroyed on the limits of Logar province.

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