January 28, 2023

Locally Built Car Exhibited in Kandahar

Locally Built Car Exhibited in Kandahar

KANDAHAR, Jan. 21 – A group of professional youths who graduated from the Technical and Vocational Education Directorate in Kandahar province have built a car, which has been exhibited at Bagh General Stadium today.


Deputy Governor Mawlawi Hayatullah Mubarak praised the car manufacturers and assured them of all kind of cooperation.

To encourage car manufacturers, the Deputy Governor gifted cash of 100,000 AFN, Kandahar Chamber of Commerce gifted 100,000 AFN, the Head of Vocational Programs, Mawlawi Abdul Wdood Hotak, gifted 50,000 AFN, Major General Mobin gifted 50,000 AFN and the Director of Technical and Vocational Education gifted 50,000 AFN.



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