February 02, 2023

Woes of the people and the inimical conduct of media

Woes of the people and the inimical conduct of media

It has been nearly seventeen years since Afghanistan is occupied by the American invaders, making it is the longest war in the contemporary American history on one side and on the other, it is a lingering calamity and affliction for our country and masses. In this unbalanced war, all kinds of sophisticated weapons and bombs are used by the savage American occupying forces and their internal mercenaries against the oppressed Afghan people. Indiscriminate killing, torture and incarceration of innocent people by foreign occupiers and their internal stooge forces in their blind bombardment, indiscriminate drone strikes, brutal night raids and blind missile attacks have become the order of the day.

Anywhere else in the world, if the helpless masses suffer from such a tragic situation, inevitably their miseries and sufferings are widely reflected in media outlets and publications. They try their best to depict the sufferings of innocent people to the outside world through special investigative and documented reports, thus uncovering the devious nature and face of the perpetrators of war crimes.

But the situation is quite different inside Afghanistan despite all the cruelties and brutalities of foreign invaders. Here no in-depth survey or investigation has been carried out by media about how many civilian people were martyred, injured or crippled in the indiscriminate bombing and brutal raids of the foreign American invaders and their internal mercenary forces over the last seventeen years.

Media have taken no notice on how many innocent people suffer in villages, hamlets and other far flung areas in the numerous air attacks and other operations announced by the brutal American generals and their internal stooge spokesmen. How the civilian people are tortured and agonized in the brutal night raids!!? And how many innocent people are incarcerated monthly and annually on the basis of suspicion, then detained in the notorious jails of Bagram and Pul-i-Charkhi where they remain there for years in the darkness of prisons without any trial or proper investigation!!?

If the media of this country are truly sincere to their national interests and loyal to their masses and homeland, then they should extend the circle of their work beyond the main cities by uncovering the miseries of those millions of Afghan masses who are victimized by the brutal American rogues for testing their sophisticated weaponry and missiles etc. They break into the houses where they loot cash and other valuables under the disguise of search operations. Civilian houses are indiscriminately hit by mortars. Ordinary people are blocked and humiliated on the main roads. Dignitaries, scholars and aged people of the society are agonized and detained on the lame excuse of terrorism.

Besides the above felonies, civilian bazaars, clinics and madrassas in suburban areas are indiscriminately destroyed by the internal mercenaries. Power supply is shut down in villages. Any restoration or rehabilitation work is deliberately targeted and demolished especially in the areas controlled by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

Majority of the Afghan civilian people living in the areas controlled by the Islamic Emirate are constantly tortured in the brutal operations of the savage American invaders on the daily basis; properties and assets are destroyed and they are deprived the basic necessities of life. But unfortunately, despite all the above atrocities and brutalities, only those communiques and articles are published by most internal and external media outlets which are provided by the foreign occupying forces.

If the international and local media are truly devoted and sincere to their profession as well as their conscience, it is their responsibility to keenly observe and impartially investigate the atrocities and crimes committed by the savage foreign invaders and their internal mercenary forces so that the Afghan masses and the world community can understand the brutalities and atrocities committed here in the disguise of war against terrorism. The oppression and agonies of Afghan people by the so called supporters and importers of western democracy to our homeland should not remain in darkness any more.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan asks all media outlets to realize and discharge their responsibility in this regard by properly reflecting the anguishes and torments of the oppressed Afghan masses. They should not confine their reports only to formal statements and communiques released by the foreign invaders and their internal stooges about their savage attacks, night raids and other civilian massacres. The media should independently evaluate the prevailing circumstances and convey the real picture of the ongoing miseries of Afghan masses observed by them with their own eyes and not dictated by anyone else!!!

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