October 04, 2022

With what proof did palace scholars abrogate Jihad against warring infidels?

With what proof did palace scholars abrogate Jihad against warring infidels?

Media reported that a blast took place yesterday in Bagh-e-Bala area of Kabul city targeting a gathering of those Ulama (religious scholars) that was convened by the High Peace Council and the number of participating scholars from 400 districts of 34 provinces around Afghanistan was estimated to have reached nearly three thousand.

The most astonishing part of all this was that everyone learnt about this historic conference only after reports about a blast were circulated by media outlets.

It is the habit of Kabul to propagate and exaggerate more than what it actually does. Whenever it seeks to even do anything minor, it will launch a propaganda blitz so intense that everyone will be taken aback. They talked about the Indonesia conference for more than half a year before sending a meager 20 scholars to the gathering who returned back to their home country disappointed.

But when a historic gathering of around 3000 scholars supposedly from every corner of the country is to be convened and yet everyone is kept in the dark from start to finish, this simply raises eyebrows. Can this be the same game being played by the High Peace Council who dressed ten year old boys in Chapan (long traditional coat), handed them hunting guns and masqueraded them as Taliban fighters in Baghlan province?

If you remember the High Peace Council also called for a conference of Ulama last year. When the participants labeled foreign troop presence as the most urgent matter of discussion, the secretary of High Peace Council (Akram Khpalwak) censored the final declaration, addressed the media about the event by himself and barred any other scholar from talking to any channel.

Many people like myself are 100% sure that neither were scholars invited to the conference nor did any scholar partake in the event. The only ones that did participate were the white bearded turbaned faces that are registered in the Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs. They convened a meeting under the name of Ulama where an effort was made to legitimize the illegal occupation and abrogate the legitimate Jihad against it and shared the final 26 page declaration with the media.


This 26 page declaration by the supposed ‘Ulama’ failed to ever point to the occupation and aggression of infidel forces, their imposing military presence and the countless war crimes committed against the innocent people. The declaration has only addressed the Taliban, all their actions are deemed illegal, called for an end to Jihad against the invaders and demanded that Taliban accept occupation in a similar fashion to themselves. The entire declaration has focused on depicting Jihad as Fasad (corruption) and tried to bestow legitimacy on the occupation by not addressing it whatsoever.

For such a purpose they have quoted a number of ayat (verses of Quran) and ahadith (sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW)) but their arguments are such that they themselves either do not know their meanings or they have chosen the path of scholars of Bani Israel by twisting it for meager gain or have adopted willful ignorance.

For example the fatwa states that Jihad against the Kabul regime is illegitimate because the constitution is derived from Shariah, religion of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is Islam and Afghanistan, an Islamic Republic, is independent.

This argument is based on completely ignorance. Do the Taliban care if you have written Islamic Republic or something non-Islamic next to Afghanistan? Taliban have launched their Jihad against warring infidels (America and NATO) in defense of their religion and homeland in accordance with the individual obligation verdict of the Holy Quran. It is the explicit demand of Islam and Afghan culture that if someone violates your sanctity, defensive Jihad becomes an individual obligation upon all citizens.

Turning a blind eye to this urgent matter shows the clear ignorance of the supposed Ulama.

Willful ignorance means when someone know the actual question but decides to talk about unrelated issues to in order to fool his audience.

Another argument presented in the fatwa through which Jihad is abrogated against the invaders and their backers is:

All verdicts of the Judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan are based on clear Shariah of Muhammad (PBUH).

Like how Bagram and Pul-e-Charkhi prisons have been filled with innocent Muslims over the last 17 years through the decisions of this very same body because their only crime was that they waged Jihad against the troops of Pentagon. Is this what they call trialling with the clear Shariah of Muhammad (PBUH)?

All in all, no article of the declared fatwa actually corresponds with Islamic principles or Afghan honor and customs. Islam and Afghan culture both demand that if someone were to violate your sanctity, it becomes an obligation upon you to struggle and defend your home from the aggressor. But the supposed Ulama are calling Mujahideen towards surrender and are bestowing legitimacy upon the occupiers by not addressing them at all.

It is clear that the current war is not a war between two Muslim parties (Afghans) but holds the status of defensive Jihad (individual obligation) against warring infidels. Jihad is also obligatory against their domestic supporters and puppets of who call themselves Muslims as commanded by many Islamic texts.

Truth shall remain Truth and no one can ever depict it as Falsehood.

This legitimate Jihad began with the fatwa of hundreds of scholars and backing of the entire nation during the absolute rule of the Islamic Emirate, and it is on its way to reaching its destination.

Abrogating religious commands with such exhibitory efforts will not only fail in bestowing legitimacy upon the invaders and their stooges but it will serve to expose them even further because poking this issue only draws the interests of people who are unaware and arouses their interest.

The fatwa declared by the Peace Council under the name of Ulama is full of ignorance and distortion from start to end and has endeavored to skip past the main issue. Everyone has understood that this is part of the plot of the US embassy that shall most certainly meet failure.

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